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So recently I have decided to focus on more languages in more detail. I am not very good at coding and was wondering what would you suggest. I want to go into I.T. I am interested in pen testing and things along those lines. What is your top languages and what do you use them for?

p.s. Thanks to Shonen

p.s.s. Dingleberries I am looking forward to your reply!



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  1. Perl - Easy, cross-platform scripting language. You should probably look into python though as it is a stronger language, I just personally haven't got around to learning it.
  2. C - Most open-source pentesting tools that aren't written in a scripting language are written in C so it's good to know so that you can edit these tools to your needs.
  3. ASM - Yay exploit development and hardcore debugging :3
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I absolutely LOVE python, it is probably the most rapid dev language I've used. But I'd also recommend learning C/C++, you can do a lot more with C than you can do with pretty much any other language.

but as dr0p said, perl is a big language out there right now. And a lot of the exploit scripts you'll find will be written in it, so a basic understanding is probably a plus (doesn't take much)

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Mines the one that is write for the job. I'm not going to write a web application in C and I'm not going to write a GUI in SQL.

Personally, my favorite language is Prolog, which is a logic language, there are no return statements really, just truths. Allowing you to ask something like colourOfHats(X), and prolog will resolve X to be say 'Blue' and 'Red' if that is true and specified in the program.

You can't be considered a real programmer until you have learnt an imperative, functional, logic and scripting language in my opinion.

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My favorite language is Python for a variety of reasons (one of which is it was my first actual language). It's really simple and quick to write, you don't have to worry about the type of variable it is, the library is pretty big and a really good library, there's a lot of really pretty good tutorials, and it's almost pseudo-code abstraction level.

That being said, I agree completely with dr0p. For pen-testing, etc. you're going to need lower level languages to find vulnerabilities in applications so C and ASM are essentially requirements. They're also really fun and interesting to use.

As for what I use the languages for:

ASM - Debugging programs, having fun, writing features for my C programs which I don't feel like writing in C or can't write in C.

C - General programming, writing whatever programs I need to, and again, having fun.

PHP - Writing web applications.

Python - Writing any other program in which speed isn't as important as simple and short code is.

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I've never programmed...ever BUT...i'm keen to have a go.

So i'm having a look at visual basic 2008.

Ok...i know i know...prolly not the best language to learn....limited not cross platform etc etc

But like i said, it's my first go and well after a while i'll prolly move on to another.

I guess i'm just using vb as a method to get into a programming mindset.

Hope this ,makes some kind of sense.

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