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  1. Hey, I got a sylvania netbook on my birthday and was wondering if anyone knew how to put linux on it and also if there's even a netbook distro of linux that's compatable with it. I've got to check out the system specs still, but when I do I'll post them up here. Thanks in advance.
  2. Networking - just dont like it so dont really look into it. Server security - havent had the time to really look into it, been stuck on web security. Also, I seem to have problems with windows xD
  3. If you want something like exploit dev and reverse engineering, check out damn vulnerable linux
  4. Yeah, I realize, but likely it won't and if it does I could use advertisements, donations, etc. If it came down to it, I could just set up a server and get a good internet plan.
  5. Yes, I'm thinking of starting one, but it'll more than likely be like a small amount of people. I just wanted to start one because on the last social networking site I was to work on, we got a lot of it done, and then a lot of the team working on it sort of dispatched. The project was just too unorganized. I know it's most likely not going to be popular or anything, but it's worth the shot that I'll get that "right place at the right time". I'm not looking to make a profit whatsoever, I already have other methods of making money, this is just because I hear a lot of people saying that facebook is so much better than myspace or the other way around, and it would be really cool if people agreed on liking a site that I helped build. @okiwan Lol, nice - I never thought that they'd actually make a movie about that. o.O <offtopic>And that's a good song on the trailer.</offtopic>
  6. Agreed, project euler would be a great place to start - at least that's the first thing that came to mind, it's more math-related, but that's a big part in programming I guess. Edit: And a few extra puzzle ideas to solve would be: 1.) Sodoku solver 2.) Shortest-path finder 3.) Quadratic equation solver (really really simplistic - so idk if that's what you're looking for) 4.) Computer character recognition software (solve captchas) - a bit more challenging
  7. I'm not sure if this question was already posted but I was wondering: What do you like about Facebook that's different on MySpace and vice-versa? What feature would you want them to have that neither of the sites have? Thanks for any input
  8. Ahh, yeah, thanks for reminding me about the captcha, knew I forgot to do something. And there might actually be a few vulns at this point, it's still really under construction, I'm going to add eventually categories, a search bar, etc. as well - just wanted to have the general skeleton of it so I could get input earlier than after I completely finish and have to remake the whole thing lol.
  9. @digip Good point, didn't think about that, and coincidentally, the javascript being used to do that was extreme overkill because the .html file was being parsed as PHP anyways. I did that mainly just so I could use AJAX. @VaKo Thanks for the links, I'll take a look at them.
  10. I just finished writing most of my blog so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what else to put into it. Any comments on the design like ideas about what the banner should look like, how the user navigates through the site, etc. I'd really appreciate any input negative or positive so here it is: http://jonnycake.webege.com/ .
  11. Hey, yeah, there's so many different places to start out. Best way to learn though, is to set up a server and let the kids hack into it. Teach them the basics and let them get into it. That's how I started learning (other than hackits.de which RogueHart mentioned). Show them how things work and suddenly they'll be figuring things out for themselves. I know personally that reading a tutorial didn't help me as much as coding my own programs and learning the different (safer) coding techniques did. On a side note (and I realize this could be considered advertising, but I feel it would be relevant to the thread), me and a few of my buddies from hackits are starting up a new site, it's going to be a forum, tutorials, and before long a challenge site. I would love for you to check it out, and maybe when it gets bigger you'll be able to use it for getting information to share with the kids you're teaching: http://www.t3kstorm.com/forums/
  12. Hello, to all of you in the community. Me as well as a couple other old hackits.de users are attempting to revive hackits since it disbanded in somewhere in 2008. I was hoping that we could get some users from here to build a bit more content as we still haven't gotten the database backups from the old administrators (who don't seem to be bringing it back up). We just started a forum and will probably make challenges in the, hopefully near, future. We need to build a user base back up and we'd love help with the community to do so by joining and helping the content of the current forum. More information here: http://hackits.zapto.org/forums/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=9 The site is just getting started so configuration changes will be going on in the next week or so so bare with us. Thanks, Jonnycake
  13. You can use the linux command: md5sum. There's also a windows version of it.
  14. Jonnycake


    So, I am working on a blind sql injection vulnerability so I went about it the normal way. Check if the first letter is greater than another letter to decide whether it's this letter and if not in what relationship is it, however > and < are filtered out to prevent XSS (which they are protected against and ironically not protected against an SQL injection, go figure!). So, here's my theory, if I were to subtract the int value of a letter from the int value of the first character in the string and then cancel it out by dividing by the absolute value of that result, it will allow me to find less than, equal to, or greater than by checking for -1, 0, and 1 respectively. But, I have a problem: I can't seem to convert the char to an int! I've been googling all day and yet haven't found how. Does anyone know how I could do it?
  15. Well then, I'm shutting down my ssh server until the patch for the exploit is written! :) Edit: Although this could just be a prank to scare people o.O
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