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  1. Destro

    Windows 7 rc

    sup everyone! just wondering if anyone has download windows 7 rc. I keep getting to the login screen of msn and then the page has this circle in it that just spins. cheers, Destro p.s. if you have tried it tell me your feedback please!
  2. Dude, those are pretty sick. You should add a top shell and customize it. Personally I would go for a spray paint/ logo printed image on there. But that is just me. cheers, Destro
  3. @Shonen-Lol my parents got me using LUNIX and started interrogating me. cheers, Destro
  4. Really? I thought it looked sick. I think it will change everything. Why do you think it isn't impressive? cheers, Destro
  5. Hey everyone! My brother introduced me to this, a couple months ago. It is called on live. It is the next generation of gaming. It is just about in beta, so sign up! The website isOn Live. Check it out and tell me your thoughts. cheers, Destro EDIT: Meant to right Gaming, sorry,
  6. When i tried to explain Linux to my parents, they first asked me if it was a drug, then after finally deciding it is not they came to the conclusion that is is worthless to try and understand because they can't. cheers, Destro
  7. Lol I love to change my wallpapers all the time! cheers, Destro
  8. What are you thinking of doing with it? Personally it seems like a waste of time. And also it is not a good idea to ask it is hackable for future reference. Try doing a vuln seach. cheers, Destro
  9. Wow that is pathetic. At the end of the page it says april fools and gives you a link to the page today. I can't believe no one saw that. cheers, Destro
  10. So recently I have decided to focus on more languages in more detail. I am not very good at coding and was wondering what would you suggest. I want to go into I.T. I am interested in pen testing and things along those lines. What is your top languages and what do you use them for? p.s. Thanks to Shonen p.s.s. Dingleberries I am looking forward to your reply! cheers, Destro
  11. Lol it was just a most watched video on youtube a couple days back. That was a huge answer, jeez thanks for taking the time. And I am not doing illegal stuff so I am good, thanks. cheers, Destro
  12. Destro

    Quake Live

    I did not realize it wasnt for mac, sorry. And I could not edit because I was on my phone sorry. I will make sure if I have to next time. cheers, Destro
  13. Lol. Once I read only for windows, I wiped the swet away from my forehead and said I could go for a beer (I am not old enough so a coke, but beer sounds better so I say it) and some t.v. Malware depends on what you want to do and how vicious you want to be. Even worse the whole sesame street is coming and they had children. Haha. Elmo's kid had to go to rehab so be careful around him
  14. Here is the link for everyone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yPmtQDWZ1s . First off, watch the report, then watch it again until the report starts. Notice how funny the reporters voice is. She sounds like she's from a cartoon. cheers, Destro
  15. Haha I just went to it. I almost did give up! I love that its immature. I needed some humor, thanks! cheers, Destro
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