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Keeping Desktop Icons In Place.


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Are your full-screen games owning your Desktop?

Sick of repositioning your desktop icons after you quit a full-screen game that lowers your resolution?

There is an awesome program that keeps your icons in place.


[click it]

I have been using it for years. This is a good program; No bugs in the years I have had it.

Here are some screen shots of teh program's settings.

I did not take any of it restoring desktop icons since all it does is move the icon positions.

Nothing to complicated to imagine.


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Holy crap!

The Hak.5 Community is immune to the crapload of shortcuts installer dump on them!

No, I was not spamming [not trying to anyway]. I don't know how, but it ended up in the Episodes forum [or somewhere if I'm wrong]. I deleted the thread contents & made the thread in the correct place.

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woah, the most icons I ever saw in my life!

Finally someone with lots of icons!

.... **cough** I mean thats a bad thing!

Hopefully all the little projects & tasks you have going will complete, clearing out some icons.

Normally I have less than 10 icons, but..

essays, math notes, little study on nLite & stuff are cluttering my Desktop at the moment.

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lol untill i just reinstalled and finally jumped on the 64bit band waggon yeah yeah i know how many years late

my desktop on my old p4 3gig ht ( she seved me well ) was cluttered over my 22" monitor and my 42" lcd

if it wasnt for me getting hold of a amd 3200+ 2gig mem 320gig hdd foxconn mb ati hd2400 265mb and cheap ass case all for £35 BLOODY bargain i would still be using the trusty old p4

bit over kill for just browsing the net and hd movies though lol

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I know what thats from foo ;)

But anyway whats up with most people not having any icons whatsoever? lol my desktop looks almost as cluttered as darren's right now. You know I start off with my basic icons, web browsers, irc client, a few games, programming IDE's, putty, OllyDbg+IDAPro, and some other good to have apps. Then slowly things start to get cluttered as I work on projects and add more icons to the screen. Then when it gets real bad I take some time to clean it. Which usually amounts to putting the junk somewhere else lol. Just make a new folder called junk and cram it all in there. Problem solved. But If I'm not being lazy I'll actually go through it and delete what I don't want and keep what I do.

Anyway this will probably be useful to me as I too hate it when the icons get screwed up. Doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes when a game crashes or something goes wrong; Thats when it screws up my icons!

I'll give it a try :D

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haha isn't it from the sys admin video that was posted on these boards?

Well, I didn't know it had been posted here before, but ya, that's what it is from.

I figured most people here had seen it somewhere or another.

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Rab: hmm i play games in windowed mode, no shitty software for me thanks


I wouldn't call it shitty. It works well just having it save icon positions, & I never have problems.

If you dont need it, no prob.

I also play all my games windowed.



StarchyPizza & foo,

I never saw it in the forums either.

I was introduced to this program by a friend years ago.



I dont get it. [the quote you wrote]


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StarchyPizza: Its from a video where the sysadmin is playing Halo and this guy has an issue with his workstation. So the sysadmin takes control of it, and there are like 10 windows open full of porn and his icons on his desktop are shaped like a penis, so he auto arranges them according to a grid, and the guy gets irritated and asks him to undo what he did, so he says 'you can't arrange icons by penis'.

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