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OBAMA FTW Bitches! He seems pretty legit, but i walked into a gas station today and heard a bunch of people talking about how that "nigger" is going to get assassinated... racist shit like that makes me flip my lid. Ive grown up in the deepest parts of the south and I dont see things like these people.. Im glad these rednecks were to busy to make a difference and vote.

BTW @ Lord C, I admire you dreads sir

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Well lets see how it all pans out! As we all know politicians promise more than they can really do(Since they want to win, Say whatever it takes, do whatever it takes to win, then relax lol). So apparently Mr. Barrack convinced more people that he's the better choice. So lets find out what he can actually do. ;)

In time we will know...

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Im just glad we have a president now that is for the future of new technology and knows how to set up his own POP/STMP email. We will have tons of new IT jobs now, considering we can program stuff that will save companys lots of money. We will still have to work together though to keep our salarys what they are suppose to be. We cant have A+ certified techs getting paid 10 to 13$ and hour.. mcdonalds employess make that, we have special skills worth more

honestly check out programming the new G1 phone Andriod to make some money

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