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  1. I got an email like that, it was not from a user though from a "Guest" how do Guest send PM's?
  2. You want free stuff? check this out.. if the Saints win tommarow you can get a free bottle of Louisiana hot sauce http://www.facebook.com/LouisianaHotSauce?v=app_284681917670 other good sites for 100% free stuff woot.com - sellouts - watch for the $0.00 deals and http://shop4freebies.com/ I've gotten all kinds of cool free stuff like bottles of test colonge, free nicorette gum, free tampons for the ladies, vitamin drinks, ect..
  3. "Just ran chkrootkit and found the following... Checking `bindshell'... INFECTED (PORTS: 15 24 6667 31337) Is there free anti-virus out there that will remove rootkits? " I beleive chkrootkit is suppose to remove it. There maybe a special command line or something. I have always heard hardening your linux kernel is the best way to start off, but could be wrong.
  4. Now if I can just integrate the humping dog from think geek with this small wifi usb drive >:) (with maybe some space??) looks really cool, my guess is that you would need to do some special things to the config files or something, nothing ever works out perfect for me with ubuntu, but always ends up working after a while of fixing it.
  5. Yeah, thats what I was thinking.. it would take alot of energy for the dog to hump the pc, allthough im sure there has to be a way to mod it, i just got the evil genius guide to elecrict circuits so give me about 6 months lol (also got a new solder machine)
  6. "31337/tcp open Elite" that does not look good :( I thought Ubuntu Linux did not need firewalls or an AV? or is only FreeBSD or Debian 100% unhackable OTB? or nothings unhackable OTB >:) what is the best firewall systems for Linux and Windows? Comodo and a strong anti rootkit system for Linux? I am a Linux noob.
  7. how do you encrypt a image with functions to send you back information? (also how do you with a .pdf) or are you talking about hot linking, where someone puts your image on their site and do a [ img ] or < img src =" type thingy and you see in your logs that someone is using alot of your bandwith by hotlinking your images to their site or via email?
  8. I am not too much into the anime stuff, so far I would run with Digip's ninja top looks awesome. Allthough I have to admit the default wallpapers that come with win 7 are beutiful, that is what I use. I also like how they change..
  9. Do you really need a program to do that? You can just copy them all to an external HD, and with windows it asks you if you want to replace it with a newer file. Maybe check up into Norton Ghost for backing up also make sure the newer file does contain any bad code. I sometimes archive mine by date and name, .zip, .rar, .tar, whatever gets it done..
  10. I found this cool USB drive on thinkgeek.com of this dog that humps the computer when plugged in, but does not say anything about how much space it has. Do you think its only function is to hump the computer and no space to load something cool to suck payloads out pf the pc when plugged in or something like that? or load the hak5 switchblade software on to it? http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/usb-gadgets/9c89/
  11. Are you worried about getting caught for torrenting? Why not try private trackers, or I heard of something called PeerGuardian that is suppose to block RIAA, government and other IP's while you torrent, I dont know how well it works though. Torrenting from school though = ussually a bad idea
  12. mine looks something like this I would probuly get hurt riding a motorcycle, I know 2 people that died on them.
  13. I did a podcast a while back, I beleive you can just get a program like Audacity to record your podcast in mp3, then the podcast itself streams using an RSS file. Here is a link that shows you how to make one http://radio.about.com/od/podcastin1/a/aa030805a.htm
  14. Digi-P, exactly.. when he first got the pc it had no windows disc with it (it was allready installed). I will try to boot those discs from BIOS to see, even though I dont think his music files will be on the back up files. He had a music collection of his favorite songs which he thinks that he backed up during this 3 dvd disc process.. but I think is impossible because there is only 1GB of info on each of the 3 dvd's, unless it is compressed on each dvd disc at most, each disc when I hit properties says around 1GB. Probuly is what you said with a bunch of crap-ware.. I will read more into your link tommarow, very busy day so far, have not had time to read more on it yet but have it bookmarked for tommarrow. thanks for your help again man :)
  15. heres a pic of whats inside those dirs.. and within the apps dir a dir called dta which looks like it has a data list of some sort in there that says [APPS] APPS\APP01013=0 APPS\App01013.dta=0 APPS\APP02708=0 APPS\App02708.dta=0 APPS\APP02947=0 APPS\App02947.dta=0 APPS\APP06834=0 APPS\App06834.dta=0 APPS\APP12819=0 APPS\App12819.dta=0 APPS\APP14341=0 APPS\App14341.dta=0 APPS\APP14508=0 APPS\App14508.dta=0 APPS\APP17529=0 APPS\App17529.dta=0 APPS\APP18389=0 APPS\App18389.dta=0 APPS\APP19751=0 APPS\App19751.dta=0 APPS\APP21120=0 APPS\App21120.dta=0 APPS\APP21930=0 APPS\App21930.dta=0 APPS\APP22938=0 APPS\App22938.dta=0 APPS\APP31123=0 APPS\App31123.dta=0 APPS\apps.log=0 actully all of the files in the HP dir only total 40kb they look like reference data files or something from what I understand a *.wim file is this "File-based imaging format introduced with Windows Vista; allows a single disk image to be deployed to multiple computer platforms; files such as drivers, updates, and components can be managed within the file without booting the operating system image. WIM images may contain multiple disk images that can be mounted as new volumes within Windows; they can also be made bootable, which means a computer can boot from the disk image." so are these suppose to be a boot image discs? is this really what the back up discs that win vista creates look like? *confused* I back up my stuff differently and this is new to me.
  16. I was thinking PC-doctor until I looked at dvd 2 and 3.. they look exactly the same (No pc-doctor folder on these ones). I opened 2 of the files in notepad [imghttp://img709.imageshack.us/img709/1680/disc2.png[/img] please let me know if you need another screen shot or something to help me figure this thing out :) thanks for your help Psychosis!
  17. Any ideas on what kind of back up this is? the owner of the computer knows nothing about computers and cant tell me the name of the program he used to back up the files. He says the computer asked him if he wanted to back up his files and he clicked yes and backed them up onto dvd discs. Maybe some kind of program that is bundled with new computers? It was bought at best buy and is a compaq presario sr5710y I think it used to have synamtic anti virus, possibly that is what asked him to back up files? /me gets to googling
  18. Hello, I have this box that used to be vista, the owner said vista asked him if he wanted to back up his files one day and he said yes. So he gave me these 3 dvd's, the first 2 are about 1GB each, and the last one is I think around 500MB which are suppose to be his backed up files. My questions are does it matter if he backed them up on vista and I try to restore them to a win 7 system? He bought a brand new PC from best buy and after 3 or 4 months the HD died, so best buy sent it to the manufactor and they replaced the HD for free but did not install any OS. So now I have his vista back up (vista came with the computer but no cd incase of a crash, just key on the box) and after the HD crash he bought win 7 to upgrade and wants to restore the backed up files he made before the crash to win 7. I took a screen shot of the files on the CD, it does not look like anything I have seen before and all the files on each DVD look like the same files /structure pretty much.. what do you think? thanks
  19. I have been looking at alot of live cd's that are servers.. like say I can setup a live cd server on one pc then hack it from another pc in my house for practice. Ones that I have seen so far are one I think called Fireball or something like that, it included alot of cool tools such as snort, apache pre-installed and more, but an all command line interface maybe too much for me since I am no linux expert. Others I found include OpenGroupware Knoppix CD, ffsearch-LiveCD, LAMPPIX, SLAMPP, and eZ publish LiveCD.. I would like the live cd server to use programs that are common for servers. Any suggestions? thanks
  20. No, you can use an alfa with BT4, I am pretty sure ive done it before allready. did you use "sudo" before the "ifconfig wlan0 up" command? it may also be "ifconfig wlan1 up" or something like that... make sure you are using the correct command to initialize the alfa ap, remember with ubuntu you have to always put "sudo" before the command to do it as a super user
  21. Yes, they are great. I have one myself, you may want to upgrade the antenna also, the one I have came with a 5dbi antenna and i upgraded to a 8dbi and it gets more range with the 8dbi.
  22. It is "ifconfig" not "ipconfig" - Windows 2 Linux converts are hard sometimes :) link to a tutorial about setting up internet with linux http://virjacode.com/tutorials/linux_inet_connect.html "ifconfig eth0 up" I beleive that is the command for wired, wifi is "ifconfig wlan0" replacing 0 if needed with a 1 or maybe 2
  23. Well, if you want to learn it is a lengthy process. You dont learn to hack over night. I would suggest watching the Hak5 videos on here, as well as magazines such as Hakin9, Linux Pro, and 2600. Try out a bunch of Live linux CDs, get a copy of BT4, learn a couple programming languages, get a good grasp of electronics and math, the list goes on.. its a infinity learning process
  24. Can anyone recommend one that is FUD and also sends a key log file at a specified time to a email of choosing? Yes, I know.. sorry for the noob question in advance, I have been learning defense/white hat stuff, and need to learn some offensive security stuff. I allready found a bunch but they all get detected by AVG free, and most likely others. Thanks :) edit:: also what is the best way to bind a keylogger to AVG free?
  25. Yeah I had a simular problem with the U3, Dig IP is right, you need to disable the U3 function there is a software that does it I forget the name, you will find it on google by searching for "disable u3 usb"or something simular to that.
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