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Suggestions on Party Music


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I'm hitting my 16th B-day HARD. Most of you don't know this about me but I happen to be a triplet :D. My bro, sis and I are going to turn our basement into a dance room for our party since it was just recently redone and we have soo much room now.

I need some ideas on any good dance music/artists.

I already bought a Basshunter CD which my friend suggested to me as well as a Top100 Vol.3 Techno disc.

Anyone got some suggestions on who I should look for?

Thanks :lol: .

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dunno if you like the guy or not but here is a good song(i didnt like him before i heard this)


heres another good dance song

and hell the title of this song is "dance floor anthem"


now if your looking for stuff without lyrics go here


and here


that guy does great work and the songs are available for free download(legal). my favorite by him are addicted, alone, and winter spirit. although out of the 40 tracks he has there are plenty of good songs. just listen through and take your pick.

if by party music you mean a different genre just let me know and ill post some songs for a different genre. i listen to everything so there is bound to be something

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Probozo and Dual core :D

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