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  1. Totally worth it, especially if you have the tactical case, or any case really. It fits much easier for limited engagements. I have run PineAP from a pocket for a couple hours before using the "upgraded" anntenna switch success.
  2. I have both. the upgrade is very useful when using the tactical case as it slides in and out without having to unscrew one anntenna. So no, if you have the actual hak5 case, then they fit perfectly. As for reflection and broadcast, I noticed similar performance from both. Both sets are best used when working in a very local area (think very large room type of space). Once you get about 40-50 yards away, reception gets pretty weak with both As for heat, I've only noticed higher heats when using a case which is to be expected. I also have 9Dbi's and even a yagi setup that
  3. Also, to those that are having issues with code. A great tool for testing quickly and easily is loading up XAMPP and running local tests. In my experience, if the code will work on XAMPP it will work with evil portal (well, I should say the web server on pineapple)
  4. A little late to the party here, but thanks for the awesomeness in the latest update. It feels like this module is working the way it was always intended, easy and straight forward. This tool has saved me hours and hours of work! Props
  5. A couple quick questions 1. What dongle \ adpater are you using in the USB port? 2. Does the nano detect the apadter correctly? 3. What version firmware are you running? 4. What you are in the Networking -> WiFi Client Mode settings, does the NANO detect a WAN2? 5. If so, does your home network get detected? Thanks
  6. I'm having a slightly difficult time in understanding your issue. I am no NANO expert just yet, for clarity, maybe we can start narrowing down your issue Are you saying that you cant get connected to your wifi router on WAN2 ? What dongle are you using ? Does WAN2 see the network when you perform a scan?
  7. I can confirm that nothing is dead just as Whistle Master stated. I think DNSSPOOF is falling victim to a range of variable. For some reason, the functionality is a bit like flipping a coin as to whether it "works" or not. That "works" is qualified, as there are about 100 variables that seem to come into play. The biggest variables for me are: 1, the clients web browser \ device settings. 2, the interface the traffic is coming in on I am new here, but mad props to Whistle Master on all his hard work! Here is a quick run down on how I was able to get mine to work: 1. Setup your
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