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  1. NetworkingPlus its great for my tests. Turning off the Allow Associations don't allow me to connect, so i turned on and was fine. That module must be by default in the pineapple, great job there. Thanks again, esa.
  2. Good day, I been struggling to know how to use the filters in the Nano web interface. If i misconfig the settings the Nano broadcast every SSID probe nearby and that is to nousy for me. For my test i just need one Fake AP and every client can associate to that AP, then just some specific clients for later test the modules How the "Allow" and "Deny" works and how should i need to configurate for my testing proposites? Sorry for my english and thanks in advance.
  3. Hi I been testing my nano last nite. My laptop may be the problem with the USB ports because with my Rpi with Kali and it worked normally even with modules. Voltage and Amp was normal, no drops or ups. Thanks for the support, guys.
  4. Well thanks, now i have a starting point to work tonight. I really don't want to lose my pineapple.
  5. To be clear: Once in SSH, What output should I expect from ifconfig? Atleast i want to see the eth0 and the Wlans
  6. Yes, it was connected to the Y cable. The interface needed to be turn on after an interaction in the Web GUI. I clicked a button then no response, i check the interface in Kali and said "Turn on" after turning on the Web GUI proceeds as normal then it repeats. I did the reset after the issues and with the newest firmware. Even with the fresh pineapple reset i got the weird issue. I gonna use a USB power check device and the pineapplejuice to see if its the Y cable. How i recover the firmware to original? Yeah, i always tried to use the shutdown button. I gonna do some test tonight. Lets hope it just a the Y cable. Thanks guys,
  7. Good day, After a severe months of buying my first pineapple back from the version lower that 1.0 if i recall. This week i was trying some tests with the modules updates. After several hours my pineapple started to work weird so i did a reset to factory but the issue persist. Now in a Kali box the adapter tends to turn off after a click in the web interface.. The modules i was testing was the Occupineapple, Dwall y Evil portal. I don't know if i just damaged the pineapple or was imminent because of the testing batch. Any advice or suggestion? Sorry for my english.
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