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  1. I found this just now: Need to try it some other day. ;) I tried to just connect OpenVPN in windows this time. (Not linux at this moment.) But i will fix this later on. But this is an awesome tool ! "So many activities!" - Will Ferrell
  2. Hi. I got a connection in wifi pineapple. From my own internet ip.. But if i or someone else connect through it, i want it to be through openVPN. I tried connecting to openvpn after i got bulletins, but i got no internet. Is it possible? Thanks!
  3. Hi. Good that this forum exists. ;) People with experience on here. I am trying this in windows for a start. It's always some issues in the network in windows. ;) When i set up my pineapple for the first time, i had a VPN on. And i do not know if that made the pineapple to boot up and set up the wrong details in it or not? If so, maybe i can try and do a factory reset. Right now i got the pineapple set to And has user sharing on my Ethernet settings. But i cant get no internet when i load bulletins in pineapple. Another thing i'm curious about. If i theoretically let someone else use my internet through the pineapple and my internet. Can i use openVPN with that, so that they browse with a VPN ip. but i can still intercept everything normal? Does that work? If so how? But first i need to get the internet working. Thanks allot. edit: Also. Do i need to have both usb connections plugged in? If so, which i'm guessing, i can use windows. Was gonna use linux, but i use a usb stick, and i only have two usb ports on my laptop.
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