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  1. Hey! Can you help with a few intriguing Q's? Trying a few things out and just ordered a NANO to make things simpler instead of using multiple usb cards/routers. I'm looking to set up a free wifi connection for the public using my own wifi accessed through a dongle or similar, which is then rebroadcast under my own wifi name, and have a captive landing page where for people to access the net they have to complete an action. This would most probably be checked by passing a variable within PHP. This is a test for a possible biz idea - pop up café at a festival offers free wifi after a customer accesses the wifi and can't get past a captive portal until they have liked a facebook page for the café, or a band make someone listen to their song on soundcloud for at least 30 secs. Or even have to complete a survey for a business, install a local app, tonnes of different things. Really just using the pineapple as a simple proof of concept. What do you think the best way of setting this up would be and has anyone got any examples or topics in the forum they'd suggest? Some things I'm brainstorming on at the moment and would appreciate advice on are - would it be possible to use the standard landing page in the NANO interface for this purpose or best to use Evil Portal or something else? Is it possible to only allow a certain webpage/webpages to be accessed until an action is completed? Is a variable in PHP the best way to check this action has been completed? Is it possible or better to host a portal on the NANO/Evil Portal as well as allowing say access to facebook only before an action is completed? Done lots of searching and have lot of resources to read but wondered if anyone's done anything similar or has any good advice :)
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