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  1. Thanks for this captain! I will try this out later on! Basically im trying to capture Facebook messages through burp. I Can achieve this if burp is running on my pc and then configure the browser so I can see Facebook messages, however I want to go one step further because then it will be a kick ass demo! i usually set it up so all traffic is directed to the 8080 port as I usually have traffic on the pc running traffic from 80/443 on the burp suite so don't want to mess with that!
  2. Hi Everyone! I am trying to achieve this scenario : connect client to management AP, gets IP address from pineapple. PC on same pine network has same subnet address of I want to be able to forward all traffic from the client device onto the PC which is running burpsuite. I have tried almost every thread that i can find and whatever i do i cannot get this traffic from the device through burpsuite. is it actually possible to do this? as in a client connects to the pineapple network and then the traffic is passed through to burpsuite? My set up in burpsuite was to look at all interfaces on port 8080. Then i tried the specific address of the burp PC with 8080 but still no traffic coming through. The only was i have got it to work slightly is by configuring the client device to use a proxy which directs straight to the PC using burp. This then causes problems about SSL connections failing (which i expected, but was worth a long shot) i then started to run ssl strip on pineapple to try and see if that would help, but no, the webpages would not load due to the SSL connections failed. When i do proxy straight through to the PC running burp the websites again, do not load and i am stuck with a loading screen for whatever im using. Obviously this isn't ideal and im hoping to use this in a presentation coming up very soon. I have been ripping my hair out over this for about a week now... surely it not this hard!! ANy help would be appreciated, mainly getting traffic flowing from pineapple to burp! THANKS!!!! w
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