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  1. What can be other use of Pineapple in daily life (w/ Pineapple firmware!), not just for pen testing. My initial setup also has Alfa awus036nha. Can it be used as Wifi signal booster; connects to wifi with awus036nha and you can connect to internet through AP121U LAN; other (name them). I presume, if you don't have stock firmware, which came with AP121U then you are stuck with Pineapple for life?
  2. Is there tutorial on how to convert Alfa AP121U with Pineapple to stock, original firmware? Before Pineapple flash I didn't made backup for alfa firmware. There is fimware at http://alfa.com.tw ,will it work?
  3. Hello, is there a way to convert AP121U with Pineapple firmware back to original Alfa firmware? Thanks.
  4. I use Kali as pirmary OS, and following this tutorial I can't manage nr.9 - This is the error How can I solve it?
  5. Is it possible to start boot from usb, install Kali on usb and use usb memory to save all data from Kali? In Kali use gparted, make partition on usb drive and save all data from Kali there.
  6. Is it possible, and how, to run BT5 in Ubuntu 13.04 OS?
  7. Use USB as HDD for BackTrack - install BackTrack on usb, and use it for data storage. I have W7 on pc, and I want to run Linux besides W7 (at "startup menu" choose which OS to start: Linux BT or W7), which solution would be better?
  8. Can I use USB as memory for USB Live BackTrack 5 R3 Machine with W7? Make USB Live with BackTrack, restart, boot from usb, install and use usb memory for OS Linux BackTrack - is this possible?
  9. Heya, looking for easy-to-follow tutorial to setup USB wifi on VirtualBox/BackTrack 5 R3. I have AWUS036NHA, W7 host/Backtrack 5 R3 guest and VirtualBox 4.1.10
  10. I failed to install USB adapter to Backtrack, so I need professional help. I have BackTrack 5 R3 with VMware. I somehow installed driver for Atheros AE9271 but still when I type "iwconfig" I see only "eth0" and "lo". I'm using Alfa AWUS036NHA with Realtek AR9271 chipset.
  11. I have tried few times to make shared folder in VMware/BackTrack but cannot make - mnt/hgfs folder in empty (in VMware shared folder in enabled and I have file inside it). VMware tools is installed. In Terminal: lsmod | grep vm -> vmw_balloon 12593 0 Is there foolproof tutorial to make shared folder in BackTrack? I use VMware 7 and BackTrack 5 R3.
  12. There is 9V barred plug dc (battery - Alfa AP121U) and 5V USB (battery - USB hub)
  13. Made three power schemes, which would be the effective for setup with Mark IV/Alfa AWUS036NHA/USB memory stick/3G modem? #1 #2 #3
  14. Anker Astro3 10 000mAh 5V/9V/12V or Catclaw 5V/9V/12V mAh depends on capacity Annd, does Anker Astro 3 have 10 000mAh at 9V capacity?
  15. Thanks for helping! :) Yea, now it's important to get the right hardware for flashing. Alfa have its console boards but it costs ~ 15EUR, but from China USB To RS232 TTL is ~ 2EUR. Who have flashed their Alfa AP121U, will China USB To RS232 TTL work for flashing?
  16. I know that Alfa Console Board will 100% work, but will this work for flashing? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-To-RS232-TTL-PL2303HX-Auto-Converter-Module-Converter-Adapter-5V-3-3V-Output-/180836792643?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item2a1ab67943
  17. I decided to make Pineapple Mark IV by myself and this will be "from start to finish" project tread, ask for help topic. These are two setups I made: semi-mobile version mobile version And I have few questions: 1) Will these setups 100% work? 2) How do I connect and work with Alfa AP121U, with ethernet cable connected to PC? Do I need Power-Over-Ethernet? 3) To which device connect the stronger antenna? Alfa AP121U or Alfa AWUS036NHA? 4) Will this CABLE will work with Alfa Console Board? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cisco-Serial-Of-Console-Cable-Router-DB9-To-RJ45-/250960533357?pt=UK_Computing_Wired_Routers&hash=item3a6e69d76d
  18. Pineapple Mark IV now works on Alfa R36 (Ralink RT3050F)?
  19. Which of these network Alfa routers is best for the money, and for Pineaaple Mark IV firmware? 1) Alfa AP121U 2) Alfa R36 And which WiFi USB adapter to choose for Mark IV and Reaver? 1) Alfa AWUS036H 2) Alfa AWUS036NH 3) Alfa AWUS036NHA 4) Alfa AWUS036NHR
  20. I'm looking for a cheaper price. Pineapple can be used, without a box.
  21. I'm new to Jasager and my recent discovery was, that Reaver Pro doesn't work with all WiFi cards/devices. Ex. it doesn't work with mine Ralink RT5390. Does this mean, that I couldn't use Mark IV and I need to get something like AWUS036H?
  22. Thank you for answers! :) Two more questions about phishing: 1) Is it possible to phish in WEP secured WiFi when I'm connected to this network? 2) Can phishing be traced to me? Even if I disconnect from the network?
  23. I'm in lookout to find Portable Wireless Router for Pineapple firmware, cheaper, powerfull, better than Alfa AP121 ($53). Device must have 2.0 USB.
  24. Want to buy new or used Pineapple Mark IV Send your offers to PM, cheers
  25. I'm new in all Pineapple hacking stuff, know that you can phish and give false web pages. But can it phish only specific IP, which is connected to public wifi? If there is 10 people, and I want to use phishing on one of them. Can I send pop-up, which opens automatically when user is in web browser?
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