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  1. I downloaded all infusions onto my machine locally from link @Kerravon provided. Im on windows machine. downloaded links. unzipped. used winSCP to SCP into Pineapple. referenced linked forum said to move files too mv /tmp/infusions/$name /pineapple/components/infusions/ directory does not exist in pineapple. so I tried copying to "/pineapple/infusions/" where it appears other infusions are located. but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I created the directory and tried to copy too "/pineapple/components/infusions/" but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I have other Inf
  2. Greetings! I was recently gifted a relic called the Pineapple Mark IV. I am super new to the scene but relatively old. The gift was meant to be a learning tool and boy howdy has it been a learning tool. An adventure in 1) coding, 2) researching, 3) patience and 4) smashing-face-on-keyboard-with-tears-streaming-down-my-face. With that said, is this unit even viable anymore? I updated the firmware to ver.3.0, which now seems like a mistake. I do not have access to the Pineapple Bar for <numerous reasons>. I found some old infusions on a github but they were for a 2.8 (or 2
  3. Hi all, I just found out that the Mark IV has been decprecated, but I didn't expect that the infusions were taken offline? $remoteFile = trim(@file_get_contents("http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&moduleList")); This page simply doesn't exists and without infusions it would render the Mark IV pretty useless. Is this a temporary situation, or can I download/find the infusions manually? Thanks, Tony
  4. Hello, I've just bought a WiFi Pineapple Mark IV, and I am having difficultly getting it to access the internet, I have followed the video tutorial on what to do on Windows 7, and tried this on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 and I still get the error Internet IP: Error Connecting I'm not sure what else to do as I am not sure if I am able to use it to do anything with it in its current state. I thought that despite it being the previous version I could still use it. Thanks.
  5. I have had my mark iv for over a year now and am just getting back into it. I have reflashed the firmware to 2.8.1 but I am still seeing the same issue when installing infusions. Some appear to install ok, but if I take the deauth for example, its name is missing when it shows what infusions are installed. The link to pin it to the navbar does nothing as it doesn't have a name in the first place. Does this infusion have a problem? Secondly, if i select any infusion to be remove, they are all removed. I have tried this initially using USB storage, but even if i choose internal storage i g
  6. Hello everyone, So, sometime ago I made a video about how to flash an AP121U with the WiFi pineapple firmware. I know that it is a little bit old, but I thing that it will be nice to have it here in the forums for everyone that wants this information in the future. Feel free to commend and subscribe to my channel ! thank you for watching Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsC4AinWrvs
  7. Looking for a battery pack to use for my Mark iv on the go. From reading the forums I see that these guys can be pretty delicate when it comes to power and I really don't want to fry my newly acquired pineapple! But at the same time I don't want to spend as much on a battery pack as I did the mark iv. So suggestions? I found this one on ebay that seems to have the right voltage and would be able to support up to 4-5 hours battery life. What do y'all think, would this be safe to use? 12V 6800mAh Battery Pack
  8. Hi i recently got myself an alfa121u and made it into a pineapple mark iv with firmware 2.8.1, as i saw some posts with problems in 3.0.0. everything seems to be working, but i cannot install the DeAuth infusion successfully. if i try to install it, i get an empty pineapple infusion with the size being the sum of all other infusions, and the remove link also deinstalls all other infusions. it is only listed in the infusionsList-File by "||usb||" or something similar. is there an installationlog which i can check? is the infusion broken? i tried searching the forum and google, but i alwa
  9. Hi, I have a more or less new travel set for the Mark IV with battery etc etc On the east coast but feel free to PM me if you are interested and we can figure things out. Love the little fruity wonder but moving on to the Mark V. Thanks, Mr G
  10. For sale: One Mark IV with travel case and battery. Used, but only used once. Will only ship to the lower 48 (USA). Cost $40 Shipping cost $10 Message me here for more details.
  11. Hi guys! I'm using my pineapple for sharing 3G connection to my wifi clients - at the moment not even for penetration purposes, just for conventional internet sharing. I want to extend the wifi range to cover a bigger area at my summerhouse. My pineapple is connected to 3G (via Huawei E3131 dongle) and it works fine. The only problem is the wifi coverage indoor/outdoor. I would like to connect another, more powerful wifi AP to pineapple, via LAN cable. It would allow me to connect additional LAN clients and to extend my network (LAN/WIFI) as far as needed. Is it possible to share my pineapple
  12. Not sure how this will be received by the H5 folks but I want to share a few things. As of this writing, the store is sold out of Mark IV usb power cords. After loosing mine I did some digging, found a replacement, and have tested\used it with no issues (and it is a couple feet longer than the original). Digi-Key Corporation - part number 839-1018-ND - sells for about $5 Also, you might find the pelican case that ships with the ultimate kit to be a bit too small for fitting all the goodies you want to carry. Ironically, my original ultimate kit was stolen so I had the opportunity to repurch
  13. hello , i am a new user of Pineapple Mark IV , i take it before 15 days and i try to make to work ... my configuration P.Mark IV 2.8.1 Linux notebook (wlan0 connect to wireless adsl router , ethering internet and control PM4 with ssh - eth0-eth1) - i use the wp4.sh OSX in macbook as GUI control (connected in wlan0 on PM4) android tablet as victim (4.0.1) i have a usb 8GB , 2GB as swap 4GB as data i have download all infusions , i dont make full upgrade with apt-get because i afraid to not "hurt" the PM4 !!! (if i must doit please confirm that i not have a problem with full upgrade
  14. I just discovered this product a few weeks back and it sounds perfect for my penetration testing needs; however, the site says that it's sold out. I have been checking back every few days, but it still says sold out. Does anyone know when this will be available again for purchase?
  15. So I just received my new Mark IV last week and finally got a little time to play. Setup was smooth and no problems adding USB storage but I wanted additional ports to use the Alfa and storage at once (and maybe some addtional goodies later on...) So I bought the Hak5 powered USB hub and got it in the mail today. First I checked if the hub was going to backfeed to the Pineapple and after confirming it was I opened the case and snipped the red + wire. Now the hub works great and no backfeeding but there's a new problem. Now I can't get the Alfa to initialize (although USB storage still works f
  16. I cannot connect to the Pineapple's web-based control center on a Mac OS X. I have followed the instructions provided by Chris Haralson's tutorial (link shown below), but, when I enter the ip address, nothing happens! Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance! Link: "How to: Configure a Wifi Pineapple for use with Mac OS X" Steps: (i) In the "Network" tab, I set the service order (wifi above the ethernet) (ii) Manually configured the ethernet as IPv4 address : Subnet Mask : Router: (blank) Dns server: (iii). In th
  17. Hey! I'm trying to use 2 pineapples to provide wifi for two storeys of the same building (office with roundabout 10-15 persons each). I got them configured, they have access to the internet but they don't relay it to their clients (be it eth or wifi). Any clients connected to a pineapple can ping the pineapple only. traceroutes fail right after the pineapple (tried this for Macs and Win7/8-machines - also for an android phone - except for the traceroute-part of course). - I tried to correct the config files (/etc/config/ network, dhcp, wireless, firewall) - I tried to leave wide open the f
  18. I'm going to assume the wireless on my board is bad as I've tried the gambit of other fixes listed within these forums. (new cables, antennas, software modifications, etc) With that, is the custom OpenWRT that is used on these devices available to download? Or can I just install OpenWRT and then be able to install the firmware from wifipineapple.com? Or do I only need the firmware from wifipineapple.com? I see I can get a new motherboard from the OEM for $25, but it would be blank on arrival and require that I connect via a serial cable and upload the OS via TFTP, which I could likely handle
  19. After reflashing my ap121u a few times, I bricked it pretty good. I connected my handy serial cable (yes, I left the power line off) and repaired the firmware. Not sure what I did wrong next, but after I replaced the 5v power line from my usb port with the 12v power brick (standard one that ships with the Mark IV) the unit won't power up. No lights turn on. When the power line is disconnected, all LEDs flash for a millisecond. The unit does not boot up, the unit shows nothing on the serial port. I'm certain I blew an IC somewhere on the board, but no idea which one. Any suggestions which IC I
  20. Hello everybody I am completely new to this whole hacking thing. I recently just purchased the pineapple mark IV and just wanted a few simple tasks that I could be able to perform using the device. Phishing, scanning networks, etc. I tried phishing yesterday on windows 7 but when I tried dumping the php files in winscp there was "no enough memory on the device". I plan on installing Linux Ubuntu very shortly so if you guys could point me to some easy "hacks" I could perform that would seriously be great. I'm an intern and my boss asked me to do this so I'm just trying to impress him with some
  21. I am getting the following error from the Pineapple in the logs whenever I plug in the Sandisk Cruzer Fit 4 GB from the Hak Shop in the device. I formatted the drive and setup the partitions correctly as per the manual, and I am getting the following error from the Pineapple logs when I plug the drive in. I am running Firmware 2.7.0 00:16:24 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 984.190000] usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -145 00:16:09 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 969.070000] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 6 using ehci-platform 00:15:57 Pineapple kern.err kernel: [ 957.960000] hu
  22. Why not implement into the config page of the web interface some kind of "quick layout selector"? The css editor is very useful, we know, but in my opinion would be more useful to have, in addiction, the ability to select different preconfigured css layouts, ready to apply. A quick layout trigger would result in a killer feature that will help to better hide in a social-context and, in the same time, will help you to better satisfy your eyes in different mood or light conditions :P!!! UNDERLINED:: I'm not talking about a pretty-fashion-hello-girly way to use our Pinz.. but a USEFUL way.. Eg.
  23. There's a ton of questions being asked here and i've noticed that we don't have a subforum like the Rubber Ducky does, which is odd. But yeah so vote to have a more managed question area. :)
  24. G'day guys and gals, I'm new to this forum and I think HAK5 is the best source of IT security related info on YouTube because there's endless information and I've learnt a lot! It's probably been discussed many times on this forum, but here I go anyway because I think it's the right time to ask my question: Is there any way to connect to my ZTE MF91 personal 4G WiFi hosptspot (802.11n/g/b) with the Pineapple Mark IV wirelessly? Basically I want to somehow relay my 4G hotspot through the Pineapple so the internet becoms available without the need for cables and extraneous devices. This would
  25. I have tried a number of ways to get any of my USB drives to work but none of them are working. I can not activate the swop file. I am using at this moment the drive you sent me I reformatted it more than once and other drives also to no avail. The info below is using the drive you sent with the Pineapple - SanDisk 4 GB I did make the two partitions folloing directions. I did a dgmsg and I get " scsi0 : usb-storage 1-1:1.0 " scsi 0:0:0:0 Direct-Access SanDisk Cruzer Fit 1.26 PQ: 0 ANS: 5 " " sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 7821312 512-byte logical blocks: (4.00GB/3.72 Gib
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