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  1. Did you type in the password or copy and paste it into the password field?
  2. Not really if use other people tools (there a lot out in the wild) unless you want to write your own exploits then learning python or other programming styles. But a lot of OSINT or vulnerability scanner for reconnaissance have already been build and work on in corporate networks
  3. If you want after October we can start a study group for some of the things. I currently studying for the CySA+ test that I’ll be taking in October. Then going on to study for the pentest+ after that.
  4. Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking from Georgia Weidman this is a good book to learn from. The hacker play book 3 is also a good start
  5. YouTube would be a great place to start. There a lot of videos on how to do things. Also there are books that can help you on amazon that teaches you the fine art of hacking. Also would recommend the pen test+ certification to help you. As well as some CTF stuff that you can practice on.
  6. Are you still having this issue. What OS are you using? You will need to download the update manually and still it that way.
  7. Why do you want to switch schools? If your trying to get into places like the nsa you will need secret clearance certificate which is hard to get, but since you said that your a veteran it might be easier for you to get that. To answer your other question there a saying in the IT field “ the degree get you the interview but the certs get you the job”.
  8. You will have to use the world list one level at a time. You can’t crack it 3 levels at the same time.
  9. Not understanding this, did you encrypted the file, or your talking about different levels for encryption (wep,wpa, ect)
  10. About 15 hours a day, since I work 12 hours and sit in front of a computer most of my days.
  11. A ideal might be, What is your internet settings on the VM, you might have to bridge options to fix that. Also if you are using it via USB u might have to use the windows tethering part before booting into usb Kali. Let us us know if that works
  12. so after uploading the 2.0.1 the open access point refuses any client connection. any ideal or anyone else having the same issue?
  13. yeah I was and hear the worlds rubber ducky. I was like yep I got one too.. :P
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