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  1. <?php $ref = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; if (strpos($ref, “facebook”)){ header('Location: index.html'); } require('redirect.php'); ?> this is the index.php that was working for me with mark3 does this do anything for you?
  2. yea, what midnight said. try to put the downloaded batchisp into that /bin/ folder too i had that same problem , i am trying to think what i did. did you put the .dll and the .sys in the correct places and then? manually select driver from device managers harware manager (pick have disk) select the driver that is in the downloaded folder the . inf file select 32uc3b restart pc after its done installing the driver.
  3. a selector screen like whats on the random roll module would be nice for phishing pages. like to have a selector screen gui for fishing pages too i mean, one thats not random though
  4. waiting too. sweet, a selector screen like whats on the random roll module would be nice for phishing pages. i mean like to have a selector screen gui for fishing pages too, one thats not random though. and somehow have more than one fishing page on at the same time.
  5. hello how do i use the newly updated dnsspoof addon which is in the new mk4 pineapple firmware 2.7.0? i tried installing it but it just only breaks my randomroll module.
  6. dnsspoofs new fake captive portal module install breaks randomroll module. to temp fix randomroll i must remove randomroll using bartender and then i install it again still using bartender. so pretty much i can only have one or the other, i think. it is safe to say that the random roll option seems kind of delicate. edited: actually im back to say that it just keeps breaking out of the blue then works then breaks. please can you guys try to make randomroll module more stable. also if i may add i dont quite know how to use the captive portal option in dnspoof so can someone make a guide?
  7. yep i had that problem too. maybe change the line redirect.php to error.php ? or look at this stuff and play around with the .php files http://forums.hak5.o...ing#entry210253 or maybe what you are talking about is the other problem i was having. i was able to see the passwords logging to the phish.txt but after that i could'nt just surf the net like normal because all the traffic is still being redirected to my pfhisch page. when you look at the dns spoof config * the star means all websites. Still if i had only redirected like say if i was doing google to my phishing page, then after the log is phicshed i would still be stuck on that same page ,google. i wanted to know how i can direct myself away from google after the logs are phished into the phish.txt. and i still dont know how. ulitmately i would like to redirect away from any page i am already phisching.
  8. yea its in there but i cant remember where exactly. i made a reply on one of the pfhisching threads and i put a link to the thread that helped me. find my reply and follow that , i hope that helps you. i think i will take a look in the forum for it too since i have my pineapple plugged in now and seems to be working right. edited: i think this was what i was talking about http://forums.hak5.o...e__hl__phishing actually maybe not what i was looking for, but that might help a bit.
  9. oh. I was meaning the gui for reaver for the brand newest firmware mk4 2.7.0 I have my alfa n nic plugged in. Im a GUI lover.
  10. I think I saw the fisching in the forum. you need to edit the .html you use variable value=email or something and I think you also have to edit the redirect.php.
  11. can we buy a Can antenna yet ?
  12. so for me to use yasager and nosager on the same alfa ap121u mk4 all i will need to attach to my current alfa ap121u mk4 would have to be an alfa wireless NIC awuso36nha right? (please say yes) or will I need a to have 2 alfa ap121u mk4 connected to eacother via ethernet? one with yasager firmware and one with nosager firmware ? (please say no)
  13. i just read that an update to dnspoof was released yesterday. try to update the module. which version of mark4 firmware do you have? First update to the newest firmware, then update dnsspoof? -maybe edit redirect .php -maybe edit index.php change where it says redirect.php to another file thats in the same folder with redirect.php.
  14. alot of the good moduals don't work YET in this version. like the reaver gui and some others that I can not quite think of at the moment . I guess I will put my pineapple aside until updates are released. Is there any news on a release date for mk4 v2.7.0 module updates? edited: i just read that the update for dnsspoof has been released for the new firmware.
  15. This guide is for re-flashing/upgrading the rubberducky firmware using WINDOWS XP x86 (should be the same for Vista, Windows 7+) Installation Media http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Flash/Duck%20Programming.zip Flip download link: http://www.atmel.com/tools/FLIP.aspx - also download the preferred firmware.hex from the duck wiki site before hand. in here http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/ You may also need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable: x86 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/deails.aspx?id=5555 x64 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=14632 Installation Install MS Visual C++ Redistributable Unzip DuckProgramming.zip Install Flip Install Atmel signed Driver Atmel Driver Problems You will have to install this manually! Windows installs the wrong driver! So to install manually use the add hardware wizard and select have disk and scroll down to at32ucb. Alternatively, make sure the Duck is in DFU-mode (keep pushing the button upon insertion), and goto Device Manager. Then look for a DFU-xxx under USB Devices Right Click Update Driver Then Manually specify driver. And point the program to the Atmel Signed Drivers from the unzipped DuckProgramming.zip Running Program.bat to Re-flash Ducky open dos cmd prompt in cmd prompt type in cd C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip 3.4.2\bin in the same cmd prompt type in program.bat YourNewFirmware.hex Its a sucess if it all says pass Dont worry about the overlap warning!
  16. Thank you midnitesnake, I figured out what I was doing wrong. I extracted all the downloaded files to the wrong folder . I only had to extract the download to the c:/program files/filp_atmel/bin and then change to that directory in cmd prompt to execute the program.bat. I feel quite dumb now. http://uploading.com...ing-WINDOWS-zip I flashed mine on WINDOWS XP x86. maybe this dload link will help people . also maybe someone can make a .bat for copying the .dll files to windows/system32 ?
  17. awesome thank you ,i was wondering if this was even possible. thanks again.
  18. sweet someone has started to revise the ducky firmware. great news. if only someone could get the duck to be able to use half of the sd card as a mass storage device. That would allow thw SAM file retriever payload method to work that i was wanting to create.
  19. Can you make a new ducky which has internal storage added?
  20. are we ever going to see this ? maybe for the holidays?
  21. about when will the reaver gui be working please? because it still just only displays a message saying reaver is not installed.
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