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  1. did the driver install sucessfully when you manulay selected it ? maybe you are putting the .dll and the .sys in the wrong places ? also check the libusb_Readme.txt inside the atmel driver folder you downloaded, encase i forgot something. If I am leaving anything else out anyone can feel free to help out. I don't mind.
  2. yea, what midnight said. try to put the downloaded batchisp into that /bin/ folder too i had that same problem , i am trying to think what i did. did you put the .dll and the .sys in the correct places and then? manually select driver from device managers harware manager (pick have disk) select the driver that is in the downloaded folder the . inf file select 32uc3b restart pc after its done installing the driver.
  3. This guide is for re-flashing/upgrading the rubberducky firmware using WINDOWS XP x86 (should be the same for Vista, Windows 7+) Installation Media http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Flash/Duck%20Programming.zip Flip download link: http://www.atmel.com/tools/FLIP.aspx - also download the preferred firmware.hex from the duck wiki site before hand. in here http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/ You may also need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable: x86 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/deails.aspx?id=5555 x64 - http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=14632 Installation Install MS Visual C++ Redistributable Unzip DuckProgramming.zip Install Flip Install Atmel signed Driver Atmel Driver Problems You will have to install this manually! Windows installs the wrong driver! So to install manually use the add hardware wizard and select have disk and scroll down to at32ucb. Alternatively, make sure the Duck is in DFU-mode (keep pushing the button upon insertion), and goto Device Manager. Then look for a DFU-xxx under USB Devices Right Click Update Driver Then Manually specify driver. And point the program to the Atmel Signed Drivers from the unzipped DuckProgramming.zip Running Program.bat to Re-flash Ducky open dos cmd prompt in cmd prompt type in cd C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip 3.4.2\bin in the same cmd prompt type in program.bat YourNewFirmware.hex Its a sucess if it all says pass Dont worry about the overlap warning!
  4. --nick--

    [Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"

    awesome thank you ,i was wondering if this was even possible. thanks again.