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  1. so to your question for the 15000 pineapple batteries. - yes when all led's are steady lit they are fully charged. for the connection use one y cable with the two usb's on one end and then micro usb connector. plug each of the usbs to the 5v 2a battery port of each pineapple batterie (2 of them) and the micro usb should then be connected to the uart port. use your normal usb to micro usb cable from your phone for the tethering part. plug that one into your phone and to the usb port of the tetra. enjoy :)
  2. this is a amazing community and i supported them with getting the tetra tactical edition .love it.as soon as we get a better power supply 12v 2A i will recommend it highly
  3. We should also focus on using only what is supplied.if the two batteries won't cut it maybe we have to find another solution.
  4. Maybe we should post a pick of the cable management from the two 15000 pineapple batteries to the tetra
  5. OK let's start seeing those YouTube videos.
  6. Central Texas watch out..... TETRA in da house...... HACK ALL THE THINGS (but seriosly : Where is the Black Wifi Pineapple Wear Gear that your wearing?Thought it was gonna be in the Shop :P)
  7. thanks for the info Darren.yeah we will all be waiting anxiously for the Battery and power supply
  8. wounder if this would work http://www.amazon.com/12-Volt-Power-Supply-Standard/dp/B009ZZKUPG
  9. Make sure your supplying the tetra with 12v 2A
  10. Did you even read any of the other post denningsrogue?
  11. Thank you all for what you do.keep those modules coming you make this the best experience. So ready for rickrolling on the tetra
  12. Let's start seeing them videos on YouTube with the tetra's.all these hours past and not one up and online ...BTW mine was ordered yesterday so hoping mine was sent out today ;) hack all the things!
  13. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Cola Weizen fuer Alle :P
  14. I got the nexus 7 3g 1st gen.whats all needed jermain69
  15. Has anyone tried the pwnpad or kalipwnpad with the mark v. Seems we could get some amazingness pairing a nexus 7 or motorola xoom with our pineapples. Just a thought and since we just recently had the motorola lapdock from the atrix i thought i mentioned it here. It seems to be a better alternativ then the raspberry pi as well Hack all the things Ps any info on a new segment or hangout on the mark 5?
  16. First of all i would never respond to that , from a person with one post and no reputation.this should be closed and deleted.
  17. Btw Darren you and Seb still need to take couple drinks .... Where can we get those awesom shirts from the Release Show we all want them
  18. If anyone has files i can upload to a server if needed.
  19. looks like a cradlepoint.since he is using android over usb cable
  20. Thx.any info how to install sslstrip on the mk3 would be appreciated
  21. what is the newest firmware we can still use for the MK3 under wifipineapple i was unable to find any info. thx
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