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  1. Can someone help me get this working with the mark4 and sslstrip.Trying this cheap solution cause they offer free 200mb every month for 0 bucks for one year.
  2. Thx for looking into it tho.really appreciate it
  3. would it be possible to maybe make a nice shutdown button or link or module? just a thought
  4. k will try again.had it working with the usb plugged in but when i rebooted pineapple wouldnt work.take usb out and all works fine
  5. so i upgraded to 2.3.0 took out the usb that was setup once with the swap.had on 2.1.0 sslstrip on usb. now with out any usb in the device i cant get sslstrip to install on internal device.getting error message and looks like its stuck noticed also that i still somehow after clean flash had some errors show. even did the factory reset.then reboot.and still had some opkg module listed. this is what it list if i try to install sslstrip from the opkg module. Installing sslstrip (0.7-1) to root.. Downloading http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/packages/sslstrip_0.7-1_ar71xx.ipk. Multiple packages (libpthread and lipbthread)providing same name marked HOLD or PREFER. Using latest. Multiple packages (libpthread and lipbthread)providing same name marked HOLD or PREFER. Using latest. Installing python (2.7.3-1) to root .... and thats where it stays
  6. laughed so hard after seeing that hehe
  7. don't forget about reaver ;) and pls also support the alfa awus036h
  8. k got it working yeah had to reinstall again Thx WM
  9. so after updating to the new firmware 2.1.0 and after setting up the usb correctly again and then going to the pineapple bar i installed sslstrip to usb after that i pinned the sslstrip to the hotbar when i scroll over launch it shows sslstrip.php but when i click it it brings me to redirect.php and just keeps clicking and refreshing on that.
  10. can you work on other tabs of your browser or other tabs of the ui on the pineapple or will that effect the sslstrip module?
  11. Its your components or the signal strength on my 24 ap's i tried it with the alfa awus036h and all where succsessful.
  12. Download from module opkg manager. Install sslstrip on usb with swap partion.launch sslstrip module. Forward logs to usb.start sslstrip. And you should be good to go
  13. The solid one from hak5 shop alfa awus036h period for the pineapple. And just alone for reaver wps.i wouldnt move away since most of us here alll support the hak5 shop and there products.
  14. +1.trying to work with sslstrip and see how dns spoofing will work with SET running
  15. shadowmmm

    Diablo Iii

    can someone get me a beta key if still available.still playing everquest2 if someone wants to hit me up
  16. really appreciate all devs and supporters of the pineapple mark4.this is how a community/forum should be.glad to be part of it.as soon as i get off from work i am so reflashing my little devil. bows to hak5 team,devs,and Sebkinne
  17. just use bt5 and change the landing page for now to your internal ip.
  18. thank you WM ps have u been working on the keylogger module still :)
  19. check this out A new tool called ghost Phisher 1.3. It looks amazing!was already tested to create a fake AP and that took all of about 2 seconds to do.If anyone gets it working or gets ideas how we can use or implement this with the pineapple.thoughts ideas etc... Ghost phisher
  20. as always.thank you WM.appreciate your amazing response.
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