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  1. I have had very few incedences where plastic has been a problem. I have worked on hundreds of laptops and I can only think of one or two that have had problems related to broken plastic.
  2. Personally I run Linux so I don't have to worry about that. My VM's are Windows but my host's are all Linux machines. Like I have said before, all Windows is good for is Netflix. lol
  3. I had a customer today that was shocked to find out that when she closes Internet Explorer she is still connected to the internet. She thought that when she closes her browser the internet turns off or something. Working in IT support you get this kind of stuff on a daily basis. Eventually you don't even realize how funny it is. You just expect it.
  4. Virtualbox does support 3D hardware but its still experimental. I have a 4Ghz Quad core with 8Gb of ram and my VM is Windows XP with 2Gb and dual core and I was able to play the Back to the Future games with it. I rarely use them for gaming. I think VM's still have a ways to go before real gaming will be possible. Back to the Future is a very low resource game and I had a few problems making it run right. However, once I had it working it ran great. I don't see a VM playing Modern Warfare 3 any time soon. I think the problem is that in order to use hardware 3D acceleration the VM can only interface with hardware though API's and without specific support by hardware manufacturers its going to be hard to make it perfect. We can't even get Nvidia to help with good Linux drivers I don't see them wasting time with VM's any time soon. I think it all comes down to horse power. If you though enough pony's at it then anything will work. I do almost all of my gaming on the Xbox. I have two of them, one on the shop and one in the living room, and the nice thing about those is that I know any game I buy will work perfectly and I don't have to mess with it. I honestly abandoned PC gaming years ago because I got sick of upgrading my video card every time a new game came out. Today the only reason I want a 9 series Nvidia card is for Cuda.
  5. Very well done presentation.
  6. The only real use I have for virtualbox is an XP VM that I use to watch Netflix but for the most part I have never had any serious problems with virtualbox. Its a great platform and I have set up many Linux VM's for customers that are virus prone. The only issue I think I have had is lack of performance. A slow system is not a great system to use as a host anyway.
  7. I thought about doing that but I would rather her just follow the rules. If I put limits in place she will not learn anything. I have already gave her Kindle fire back to her and she knows that next time it happens her fire becomes mine. And she knows I will keep it. I kind of want a tablet. All I have right now is my galaxy note and a 7" screen would be nice.
  8. Will do, thanks for the tip. I honestly have abandoned the entire experiment until I have more time to devote to it. I played with it for about a week and did some really cool stuff but the ssl really put the brakes on it. many sites are starting to use ssl. Like Google for instance is running everything though ssl now. Basically what I am doing is trying to get the android app "network spoofer" working in native Linux. So far I have it working great and have written quite a few scripts that go way beyond what the Android app does. My favorite one uses archive.org to make every site the user visits the way it looked in 2000. Its funny as hell but ssl has really been messing up the fun. That's why I want to make ssl strip work along side squid. Its just one of those time wasters that I think would be fun to play with but another problem I am having is the scripts are almost to much for my netbook to handle. Like the time machine scrip crashes after a few minutes and arpspoof stops working. Once I get some important work caught up I will devote some more time to it and actually write a paper on what I am doing. What would be really cool is if this could be used with a pineapple to really cause some trouble. I still need to purchase myself a pineapple but right now I cant justify the cost. Maybe once I start working on this project again I will have a reason to get one.
  9. I could not have said it better. History is full of hackers. Hackers are not just computer geeks, but rather the term hacker can be used to describe anyone that does not except the limits put in front of them. I think my main purpose of writing this was to point people to a paper rather then trying to explain my stance every time the subject came up. Honestly the criminal stereotype has its benefits. It lays a cloak of mystery behind what we love to do.
  10. Here's a way to do it with iptables. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/block-entier-country-using-iptables/
  11. Can you pull the hash's and just crack the admin account?
  12. I don't think Virtualbox supports 64bit. I always run 32bit operating systems in vitualbox so I have never tried. I am almost positive I read somewhere recently that Virtualbox will not load 64bit. Why not just load a 32 bit OS. Is there a specific reason you want to vitalize a 64 bit environment.
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