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  1. would anyone have a apricorn 3.0 usb key storage laying around and be able to post the vid pid and manufactor info
  2. Whatcha been doing with your BashBunny

  3. JUST FYI it wouldnt be for the Nano anyway he is asking for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz so most likely the TETRA line 12 Use both wifi cards if possible for 5ghz (TETRA) as well as 2ghz Will be following
  4. Due to a lot of people asking in other threads I typed up this one. We have noticed a standstill on Firmware and actually forum post's. And the Threads are a total mess. Can we get the main thread stickies up top with the latest firmware and maybe we can get some old stuff cleared out that had no re valence . We noticed your statements with things being crazy around hak5 and that Sara and others are working hard. (Highly appreciate all of you) Just could use some more interaction just a thought from a hak5 supporter :)
  5. Did not see the download link for 1.0.6 any info where it's located checked wifi pineapple.com but only showing 1.0.5 for download
  6. Just wait for the new firmware that will soon be out.that might fix some more issues.this was to be a development product not finished as is product.we as community work out the flaws
  7. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37483-ics-on-a-mac-a-future-resilient-howto/#entry272061
  8. Have you watched the videos on pineapple university?
  9. K not hangry anymore ate at Popeye s :) understand your frustration but some forum post showed a work around did you search for it yet
  10. Is it to late to return your crappy Mac? After all it's Apple's fault why ICS is not working:p and now that more and more ransomwear and virus are coming to Mac no more excuses. Everybody already using Windows for superior video editing.macbooks have been going downhill...
  11. Maybe Add info for which selection to choose to monitor for logs like br-lan / usb0 for individual s that are using a Android phone to tether
  12. Have you even read any of the other forum post. Here's your sign. Most of these questions have been already asked and pictures even provided.we as a community work all together but please do your part of research first :) Till then hack all the things
  13. Got tactical nano and Tetra Using unlocked and rooted Nexus 6
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