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  1. on the wifipineapple.com site on the java applet attack.when u download the first file.its missing the password to extract the files.
  2. great idea.was woundering if we could setup teamviewer sessions with ventrilo or teamspeak and help eachother out.have an active jasager chat available or such. just throwing stuff out enjoying some budlight platinum
  3. thank you for the 3g script .will get one now
  4. please start reading the short pamplet that came with the device.as always use the PoE/Lan to connect PC to your pineapple. :) any other info can be looked up at wifipineapple.com
  5. u might just want to wait for ettercap to work on the keylogger post.that will make everything so much better
  6. still sooooooooooooooooo looking forward to this :)
  7. what's in your landing page. what do u have your redirect set too.did u follow wifipineapple.com the new updated rickroll.
  8. reaver only fails if you either not in monitor mode or your card doesn't support it.other then that it works on everything wps enabled.depends what kind of router u r trying to get into.good luck
  9. look into reaver wps or wpscrackgui
  10. yet again great job petertfm.updating mine straightaway.
  11. so which 3g usb dongles is everyone using at the moment?
  12. things like knowing what firmware u have are essential and should be known .for us to be able to help or address situations.
  13. start reading the wifipineapple.com site to get more familiar. :)
  14. so looking forward.agree will be best module
  15. to bad the went up in price from 55$ to 90$ and now instead of 50$ off they give you 75$ credit towards sub.would rather recommand the netzero one for 49$ and monthly free 200MB for one year.
  16. on the wireless check mark share internet connection.from your ethernet port from laptop check settings ip4 to / did you follow wifipineapple.com website first setup?
  17. so how did everybody implement that credentials page.anyone with a hulu or netflix phish site yet?
  18. anyone with an updated facebook template.or did i miss something how to fix the one in the folder. :)
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