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  1. What chip is in the panda? What's the power draw.does it also have sniff/injection
  2. pls read the other forum post :) also if your using linux as posted in other threads get the wp6.sh file :P Happy Learning
  3. What's this coconut everybody talking about ;p
  4. Wish there was a second zipper on that slot one just doesn't cut it ;)
  5. Anyone ever try one of these ? http://www.amazon.com/Intocircuit-32000mAh-Portable-External-Smartphone/dp/B011BGPUSI/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1455816357&sr=8-17-spons&keywords=intocircuit&psc=1 wounder if this might be a solution as single battery pack at 12v 4Ah
  6. I would recommend Nexus 6 and use Kali nethunter on it with marshmallow. Perfect setup for your wifi pineapple. Believe that's what Darren has too
  7. What does this mean on the logs: Warning - bad CRC, using default environment Now starting pci_init process pci_init_board: PCIe PLL not set for 40MHz refclk BOARD IS NOT CALIBRATED!!! pci_init finished
  8. now if only we can find out why loss of power using two pineapple batteries when under load aka just using pineap :) is there like a rest state on the batteries itself that it will just go into sleep.i did notice one battery where the orange leds would just turn off
  9. We need to mainly be testing it with just the 2 pineapple 15000 batteries as the set comes. No use to add extra battery if we notice it's being unstable ;) with the provided items
  10. Guess instead of pineapple batteries we might be better off with a 3rd party 12v 4ah battery pack.such a power hungry hog our tetra
  11. Can confirm that somehow the two pineapple batteries might not work properly. But will test again this evening and see if it's maybe just a faulty battery.
  12. On the end you should have two 15000 pineapple batteries and one 12v 2ah power supply
  13. So I have to confirm that somehow the two main 15000 pineapple batteries are somehow not holding the tetra up.it's seems to be fine for about 20min then just freezes.will reflash and fully charge batteries and test again. Weird thing is that when I use my anker with 4ah output it works fine.we might have to look if the provided ones are just not enough or faulty. Will give update tonight
  14. Sebkinne there is a legal reason for us to have this function actually.any property owner has the right to deauth all wifi on his property.I would see it as a option to make your house more secure and keep it a dead zone and force using cat 6 cable for a connection ;)
  15. Nah just waiting for like the more fun ones that we all love and are missing at the moment :) Rickroll!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Take a backpack .place two batteries with cables in it.connect it like to a tablet and throw that in there and close the zipper.tadaa that's what it looks like. Sadly the pockets don't hold the batteries well and the cable management will be a mess.the antennas will be overlayed from onanother.the bag could have used dual zippers on all spots and I wish the inside had more hak5 logo in it.tight fit for any laptop but overall .it's there for the support of the hak5 in general for me.
  17. The batteries with the tactical pack work fine.the stationary power supply just needs to be higher.the one that was in the box was only 12v at 1Ah.and as stated per site and forum a at least 12v and 1.5Ah is recommended 18watts.I personally would get it now and use maybe additional aftermarket batteries like the anke powercore with 5v ,4.6Ah ;) hope this helps
  18. to have more options but i guess we really just need to get all modules working flawlessly first.
  19. dustbyter stop messing around with the nano and get the tetra finally :P
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