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  1. Dear god no... It'll take flameing someone to a whole new level...
  2. VaKo


    No, not in the slightest.... Not when you’re dyslexic and spent years learning how to spell... Not when we now have computers to check our spelling for us. AND NOT WHEN WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER HERE! Please, it’s not hard, it takes just a few seconds, and it just looks so much better.
  3. Cool, just have to find a spare monitor... Wish there was a way of using laptops as bios bassed VNC solution.
  4. They only have to do it once.... seriously, have you ever read Bastard Operator From Hell (http://bofh.ntk.net/Bastard.html), never piss of IT lol. I suppose it could be done filtering the MAC of the DHCP server... if thats known then you could set everything else to be ignored. But I suspect that having 2 DHCP servers, would just make everything grind to a halt. However, you could have 2 PC's on the same LAN, behind one router, set up a DHCP server and see what falls over. Do you know how i can boot it on my server (its headless and without a optical drive)? Its running win2003 via remote desktop. Never done a network install before.
  5. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...+spell+checkers Please people, its not hard to spell check your postings...
  6. Dude, if you just go do it, kiss college good bye... But if you wrote up your ideas and presented them as part of a project, they might let you do it with the IT dept.s backing. All you have to convince them is that you can turn it off without breaking there setup. If not, start collecting old pc's. A lot of people with old WinME machines are replacing them with new laptops about now. Hardware is fine, just has a craptastic OS install.
  7. home server, only 512kbit upload... Desktop: XP+HmmmXP+XPize (home made machine, INTEL) Laptop: XP+HmmmXP+XPize (Dell Latitude x300, INTEL) Server: Win2003 (home made machine, AMD)
  8. Everyone knows how to make a simple cell phone bug (plug in a hands free kit, set to auto answer silently, hide... then dial it). But would it be possible to set up a simple web server on a phone and set the phone to take a photo once a minute. Thus, if you connect your phone to the net and remeber the IP (should be good for 24 hours), you could us it as a remote camera bug? Something along the line of a S60 phone or a Treo650? Anyone know anything that would help me?
  9. VaKo

    A request

    I'm thinking that its kinda like art, you don't have an explaination, you just see the problem in a totally different way, which makes the solution or exploit kinda obvious. Would be interesting, wonder if anyones done any research on the way hackers actually think?
  10. That depends, Linux will have a learning curve to it that might put you off. Worth a shot though, but be aware that your limiting your choice of software. No idea about ATI and Linux personally, i use nvidia which have linux drivers. Live disks will always be slow (its running from your CD drive, possibly the slowest thing on your computer). Also, if you install linux, you will need to reformat your drive, which means putting all your data on cd's/dvd's again. Just reinstall windows over your current install, it will delete your old version of windows and put a fresh copy on. Leaving your data untouched. Then get firefox and some decent freeware anti-spy/virus & firewall on it and then read up on linux a bit more. Then you can set up a second partition/disk with linux on it and dual boot. No nasty suprises that way.
  11. buy a mac or: manually hack the crap out of your registry or: bite the bullet and do a reinstall of the OS (as long as you have no passworded folders) you will be able to just replace windows and keep your data.
  12. VaKo

    A request

    Oh thank christ for that! In that case have a look at the various liveCD's you can find. http://www.frozentech.com/content/livecd.php. Don't like a distro? All you have to do is hit eject and frizbee it out the window. This register article was a good place to start for me, although its nearly 6 months old, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/05/07/live_cd_paradise/. Sorry for the confusion mate
  13. Well googling variants of hpodcore gets you some HP networked printers... kinda cool really. But anyhoo, it sounds like there is the remains of some badly removed HP printer driver in there somewhere... Try clearing all your temp directorys manually (sometime installs stick in there, and run when you launch other programs...): Then back up your personal information to somewhere external. (in xp) c:documents and settings<UN>local settingstemp Then unistall anything from HP you can find (you can grab it from there site later on if you need). Also, look in you registry (start->run->"regedit") for any mention of "HPIZplus450". Deleteing it might help, but also It could kill your PC meaning a reinstal of windows, you have been warned... its your choice. But honestly, reinstal windows? It takes like, 6 hours, to get up an running again.
  14. VaKo

    A request

    Read things like slashdot, kuru5hin and digg for a start. And play around with computers (yes you will break things, so maybe start with learning how to reinstall windows). A lot of people will suggest linux, but to be honest, this is unessacary to begin with. You can learn a lot with windows, and once you can make that sing and dance, linux will come natrually from there. Most importantly, is goals. You cannot just "learn about computers", its a HUGE field, so start off by finding something you cannot do, but want to. Then work out how to do it. Things like converting a PC into a home media center, (as simple as buying a s-video cable (and maybe a graphics card with s-video output) and some audio outputs.). Or maybe just setting up a home network with static IP addresses. Googling is another skill, learn how to narrow down choices and keywords to filter your results. Personally, I've had computers in my daily life since i was born (i'm 23) so its kinda hard for me to see them as anything other than normal. Like hot water or TV's. So while it (and us) might be a bit confusing at first, stick with it and you'll get somewhere.
  15. What would be really cool was if there was a way of running a Linux cluster client as a windows screensaver. So when the machine isn't being used it silently joins the cluster, quiting when is being used. That way people get to use the windows software, and the uni/college gets a cheap "super computer" at nights and weekends.
  16. Since the forums Staff Psychic vanished after last weeks lottery we've gonna have to be old fashioned and ask you to note down the error message.... Try googling the name as well, it seems that the software is part of a HP printer driver. If you don't have one, look for "HPIZplus450" in the add-remove programs. If you do, unistall it and reinstall it. But if your windows install is fubar'd (ie can't move for error messages), nuke it and start again.
  17. http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143334 Oh dear... <although it took 2 hours to fix, kudos to the guys who sorted it, however it does still show that linux isn't 100% bullet proof out the box>
  18. linux linux linux... meh... not the answer all the time people. Maybe just install AVG, firefox, ad-aware, kerio and keep in mind that free porn sites may not have your best intrests at heart...
  19. http://www.mp3-tech.org/content/?Mp3%20Limitations Might want to consider FLAC, OGG or some other codec thats higher quality than MP3. 320kbps is a max for MP3, and if it is possible to push higher, probally not worth it... http://flac.sourceforge.net/
  20. C:Documents And Settings<username>application dataMozila also nuke: C:documents and settingsAll Usersapplication datamozila (i may have dreamed this one up from no where, but i've found extensions in there after a firefox removal once)... but you'll loose your bookmarks unless you grab a copy of "bookmarks.html" from your profile. Remove all that crap, unistall firefox, maybe reboot, and reinstall from a fresh download..
  21. Most of the unused divs are for the layout, just making sure things go where there supposed to. And with quite a few of them, there only used on one page, or I came up with a better plan and never deleted them. Plus a few bits are to make sure it works on 800x600... There hopefully will be an some kinda intro soon, just not sure what its going to be yet. The list of artists mostly doesn't work yet because i'm still waiting for the content from my peers. But I've added an underline on the hover to make it clear its a link. As for the artist page, it doesn't work that well. I agree. Needs some kinda layout change to incorporate the main site graphic, have the thumbnails and a bit of text (its called Ipsum, standard filler text used in DP/graphic design). As for the javascript, its the best solution i've had so far. Its only slow beacause its running on my home cable connection... once i get proper hosting set up it should be a lot more snappy. Right now your seeing threw the eyes of a 56k modem. Once its on a faster host i'll add a preload to the "mr placeholder" page... which should spead things up a little more. Cheers for you input, i'll keep updating it as I go along.
  22. Back on the old forums i started posting my ideas for a website. During the time offline I got asked to do the my degree show site (or at least a "normal webpage" backend to a fancy flash site thats in production). When we were last here i had this http://vako.ath.cx/v6/ Now I i'm working on this: http://vako.ath.cx/r12/ The flash bit is: http://eyeswideopentest.5000megs.com/ Could i have some *brutally honest* apraisal please? [/url]
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