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  1. true, lets fill it with spamverts for cheap drugs and hookers while we still have chance!
  2. ATTENTION SPIRIT OF THE TIME! this area is self service and there is no protection from the dogs, we urge you to stay however.
  3. Thats bad citation, i'm afraid i'm gonna have to fail you with an option to retake at a capped grade average (d). Please include your sources.
  4. Cain & Able doesn't work that well with wireless setups in my expirence. You can haX0r people using wireless from a cabled connection, but not vice-versa or wireless to wireless. However, if you slap a linux live disc in there, and cable it in, you see EVERYTHING with ethereal.
  5. 23 klaxton street Upper kedderstone loaxton uk knock twice, slip a 20 under the door and you can have what ever you can afford Watch it shmuck, i'm german
  6. Just out of interest how old are you? Because no one here is advocating drugs, drugs are wrong... drugs make you go to art school... and you know what happens in art school...
  7. $ynt4xe770r, please read this, or <Id like to thank vako for the award of worst comment ever and bill gates >... What are you talking about? BillyG dawg rocks the party! Never have i seen a man eat that many shrooms and still make an OS launch date. Although it was windows ME and we were still adding features at 6am...
  8. I thunked the drigs are kcikng in, like all the words are numbers man
  9. Vako's post: Directors Commentory: Please Mr $ynt4xe770r, if you come up with a solution to a problem that we don't have, share it with us, that way we all learn. $ynt4xe770r, please read this, or <insert threat hear>...
  10. Now, care to share with us how you did it? http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html
  11. http://www.talklikeapirate.com/translator.html
  12. Or, you leave your wifi open (not illegal) and use that as an excuse if the RIAA comes looking for filetrading.
  13. Hmmmm.... pricey but fun... this would be a cool thing to do a Cheap-Rip-Off-Mod with.
  14. tech: "where are those OS/2 discs? and my coat?"
  15. Not sure of the specifics of VMware on linux to argue either way, so I won't. As for distro's, who do they choose? And where do they draw the line? I really hope they do, because i hardly play games (aside from x-plane which is on linux anyway) and photoshop/premier/after effects are the things I need to use all the time. Adobe really is the only thing holding me back from linux atm.
  16. Its the worlds best anti-piracy scheme!
  17. Oh well, nice idea while it lasted lol.
  18. access excell infopath(?) outlook powerpoint publisher word i also have frontpage and visio, but there not installed. <this is a classic example of the UK gov wasting tax payers money, there is no point in me having any of that shit apart from word and outlook>
  19. MS Office Pro 2003, no idea why. I only use word and excell, and for the first time ever this week, Powerpoint. But free is free... <btw they also pay for my 10mb cable... lmao>
  20. But... hmmm.... (the UK gov paid for my Office because i'm dyslexic... :-) )
  21. Isn't MS office free though?
  22. It was a physics joke... wrong crowd? My first introduction to linux was a article in some pc rag announching that linux was ready for the desktop. This was in the mid-90's... The free cd that came with it said it would safetly partition your hard drive from windows. Trouble was i was already dual booting 95 and NT, so it fubar'd the lot lol. Main reason windows is growing on servers is because of active directory. Although never underestimate managment's ability to fuck a good thing up. If you don't lock down windows, your gonna get shafted, same with *nix. I'm one of those types that will actually call a spade, a spade. The one thing microsoft has over linux? Its a package. You can market it. And the whole thing is made by one company. The real IT world, where you have 30000 computers, and CANNOT afford downtime, needs what MS has to offer, which is a tightly intergrated package for both server and desktop with lots of support. Plus, at the end of the day, they know exactly who to sue if it all goes titsup. games?...
  23. http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ For a shits'n'giggles project, here's the place to start
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