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  1. Just a question: To those of you who own guns, how many of you have actually used them to kill or maim another human? And why? If you haven't, what would be enough to make you take a life? And could you look another person in the eyes and unload a round into there chest?
  2. Since when has the law ever applied to internal school discipline? Do you have a right to representation, the right to appeal or to see any evidence against you if a teacher decides you pissed them off in class and punishes you? Do you have the right to a jury of your peers and to present your side of the story? No. Hell, some kids got suspended recently for just *looking* at a myspace profile the school had decreed as offensive. You have very few “legal†rights as a student if the case stays internal to the school. What happens is the teacher marches you to the principle, says you’ve been hacking the school computers. We all know what the uneducated think a hacker is... Having said all that, I still think just asking the IT people to show you around might actually get you somewhere.
  3. Hmmm... just checked it out. Seems to be that google want you to download yet another POS software from them. However, a lot of videos seem to have PSP or iPod versions that you can download fine. They come down as MP4 files which VLC can play fine. I don't have a PSP or video iPod but they play fine on my Treo 650.
  4. That looks like fun. 16 hours driving? You can't do that in the UK without ending up in the sea :-(
  5. You should be able to download the free videos from Google Video anyway, there's a link on the right hand side somewhere. If not, try this greasemonkey script: http://www.joshkinberg.com/blog/archives/2...ased_google.php Then just convert the video into the format you wish, ie google something like: ' avi mpeg convert "open source" '
  6. What does it have in the way of photo/video editing apps? (linux in general, serious question)
  7. Got it, its part of Googles upcoming "Big Daddy" upgrade. Semi public front end, without a lot of functionality at the moment. [edit: this is actually fucking great! its like google, but without all the crap] Worth checking out, link for anyone whos more interested: http://www.conorhannah.com/datacenters/datacenters.asp
  8. Its an odd one, even for NTL (got the 10mb line). Only site that seems to be effected is google.co.uk. Everything else is fine, and 3 people in the house are torrenting right now (although its only 200kps so it is kinda slow). So a titsup DNS server was the most likely cause. What really interests me however, is the Google English page. I can find nothing about it beyond it being some kinda place where requests from non-english pages get routed if there in english. And why did tracert locate this server when I was aiming for the UK google site? Does anyone know what is used for?
  9. True. Found out that at my university (of Derby, AVOID!) you can be subject to disaplinery procedures for as little as plugging a laptop in thats not been tested by site electricans (takes a week...). And another student was kicked out for acidently messing up a bunch of work on one of the 7-day sweep drives as well, poor girl. If your just interested in how its run, why not ask one of the techs? They might actually feel happy to answer a question other than "is this bit ment to come off?" or "it asked me a question so i clicked yes, now its broken, why can't you keep the computers running?"
  10. UK site seems to be kinda flakey right now, and strangely going to google.com isn't automatically pushing me back to .co.uk like normal? Kinda odd that the tracert for the .co.uk domain went to that IP address, but browsing to it shows up the "english" version. Maybe just after rush hour on a wenesday was a bad time to let the cleaning lady into the server room...
  11. [edit: thread was called: Google UK is dead (for 10 mins), long live Google English?.] Google UK stopped working for 15 mins, house goes crazy because "the internet is broken!". Tracert to www.google.co.uk, shows up this: Which takes you to something called Google English. All the links still point to IP addresses not URL's so i'm guessing its not ready yet. Any ideas what this is? <home server, only 512kbit upload, ie slow... sorry but i'm poor>
  12. Windows user here. I like the idea of *nix a lot, but for my line of work (photography/film making/visual design) there just isn't the software on *nix yet. Plus i'd wish Linux projects would stop forking every 30 seconds. Still not got any wireless on my Dell notebook... (yes i know, OSS spirit et all and Dell sux0rz). Does Cygwin count lol? Real shame BeOS died, even more so that Apple didn't use it. Anyone here actually old enough to have used it on a BeBox?
  13. No idea why everyone is supposed to hate the french, they cook kinda well, the women are hot and there wine is great. Jon Stewart's Daily Show basically takes the piss out of everyone they can. But whats really cool is when he interviews people like Colin Powel or L. Paul Bremer. People who really are involved, its really interesting to see them tell there story. The Bill O'Rielly one was noteable as well (seriously, send him to Iran, it'll be worse for them than any invasion/air strikes). The ones with movie stars in them usually blow though, like anyone gives a fuck about what The Rock thinks...
  14. can you imagine? nate_lapt: See this fucker BOOM HEADSHOT RIAA goons: "file trading has been linked to terrorism..." LAN party murder: http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/view.php?Stor...18-020542-5266r
  15. http://www.mininova.org/tor/257586 Good torrent, Jon Stewart talking at RIT last year (its a legal torrent). Standout bit: Track 17[it's Another Way to Shop and Jerk Off] where he describes a novices view of a G4. Kinda cool.
  16. Looking at it in the long term, gonna have to buy a Mac... Probally a Mini, they look pretty sweet.
  17. Could you not reuse the controler from the camera? Or is that dependant on the firmware/too heavily intergrated with the camera? Would love to be able to make a little external LCD for my DSLR.
  18. Not to sure about airport (never used one) but that just means i shout louder. What gives you the IP address for the iBook? The D-Link or the Airport? First step is give your iBook a static IP address, then in the D-Link, forward "port 80" to "port 80" of the Airport modual, and then forward "port 80" again with the Airport to your iBooks static IP. This should work. But why have a web server running on a notebook via wireless? Much easyer to just get hold of an old PC, cable it in to the D-Link, bung *nix on it, and hide it somewhere out the way.
  19. What is Wine like? I've never used it before. I'm not really on the market for a hack, looking for a solution. About to graduate from a photography degree so its got to work without to much configing. My main reason for wanting to change is Vista, it looks like its gonna be great if you love playing games 24/7, but for getting work done... meh. 3D spinny windows i do not need. Apple stuff looks great, but its over priced for what it is. So its either hack OSX onto my own box (with all the crap driver support that will bring). Or try this wine thing. Would VMware, running linux, running wine, running photoshop be a bad place to start with this? (Not got the space for a new partion).
  20. They admited guilt?! On national TV?!? What ever happend to "no comment"? So its kinda likely they were talking about the files they had on offer, and somehow this got to the cops. If they were dumb enough to say it on TV, and they were talking about it in chat rooms and forums, they kinda got what they deserve. The ethics are all screwed up granted, but even so, there are laws about these things. And right or wrong, cops enforce laws. If what you are doing is illegal, don't make yourself a target. [think freedom of speech in china and the American Revolution, etc not slavery/drug dealing] On a side note, I wonder if you could set up a service where you offered to back up music files for people, just like google or microsoft. But with bittorrent not FTP. Legal off-site back up of your music...
  21. This linux thing has me kinda interested, but I'm not going to switch until Adobe ports Photoshop to linux. Since I can't see this happening offically for a long time, I was wondering if the OSX x86 versions could run on a Linux or BSD box with minimal effort? ps: a: No, GIMP does not cut it. b: Have you seen the price of decent Apple workstation?!?
  22. I'm wondering how they found out... doubt it was anything as servere as intercepted mail/IM. Maybe people on IRC talking publicilly about sharing the collections... Or maybe just a good old fashioned tip-off? Anything you do on the internet, passworded or not, is kinda public domain really. But, thinking about it, a group of 30 people could probally have afforded to download that much from AllofMP3.com and then some (if you consider that anyone above 18 is likely to be earning or a student). Yup, its unlikely, but possible. Which begs the question, if you download music from allofmp3.com, and then get raided, are they legal files? Or is it akin to buying warez?
  23. England, on a Saturday night, is kinda like Iraq in a brewery... Anyone care to do a quick translation of the article for the non-educated amongst us?
  24. http://www.tvcables.co.uk/cgi-bin/tvcables/SC301.html Something like that, S-video on end, scart on the other. Plug it in and set up your 2nd monitor/TV via the display properties. Takes seconds. But you'll need a TV with SCART on it. Not sure, i assume they must exist. Try your local audio/video shops & random weird electronics shops (every town has one). Or you could make one: http://www.e.kth.se/~pontusf/vga2scart.html
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