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  1. I recently "acquired" a copy of LC5 and I'm trying to crack some passwords on the local machine. The problem is I hace no idea what I'm doing. I've searched google for help and found nothing. Could someone please tell me how to use L0phtcrack or point me to an online rescouese the will? Thanks very much for any replies.
  2. I apologize for mislabeling myself a n00b when in fact I'm very willing to learn. I guess I'll have to get a live cd distro of Linux and mess around with it. Thanks very much for the replies guys. +Cellularsnake
  3. I seem to have made myself seem like a complete computer novice in my last post when this is not the case. I can reinstall windows, use a static IP on a network t(hats what I'm using now since I have an FTP server) and many other things. I just dont know much about the differnet types of attacks and different programs that are used in hacking such as Linux. Phew, I'm glad to have that all cleared up. +Cellularsnake
  4. Hey guys I'm completly new to the world of hacking and cracking both for good and evil. All of this stuff seems totally amazing and I want to learn how to do it. Would any of you fine people be willing to assist a N00b with a real desire to learn? Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond. +Cellularsnake
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