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  1. My laptop has a compact flash drive in it, which got me thinking. Could you use a CF card, of about 1-2GB for a swap drive? I know it wouldn't last that long, but would it be faster than my regular HD? Not sure i want to test this until i can afford another CF card or two. But its solid state and all...
  2. Dear fucking christ! NOT ANOTHER LINUX DISTO! please! I have this theory that microsoft is just waiting for the linux community to collapse under its own weight, and that the resulting blackhole will take out its supporters.
  3. Only one type of Linux? nah... Linux will always be the OS you can tailor to your own needs where as Windows provides a standard enviroment across many different types of hardware. (anyone who was gamming before directx knows what a nightmare it was hardware wise, much respect for the concept of directx). But for fucks sake, have standards and keep to them. That way Adobe doesn't have to do 80 slightly different photoshop builds, it can do 1, and be damn sure it works on any linux distro thats certifed as standard. Where you have a distro that isn't on said list, Adobes offical tech support stance can be "hmmm... suck it and see? ooh and while your at it, tell us how it went". And at the other end of the scale, you can put Linux on grandma's computer, safe in the knowledge that if the software has a golden linux badge on it, she can use it.
  4. Dude, i used to have to support Norton over the phone for people who could barely use a mouse... talk about a nightmare. Why do people think anti-virus is like wine, it doesn't get better with age or price! But the soultion was easy, "you using norton?" 'yes' "turn it off..." <click> 'wow... everything works now'...
  5. Linux Golden Standard? Would be a start. There needs to be a consolidation in the Linux world, instead of people contioiusly reinventing the wheel. Just how many more distros does the world need?
  6. There must be a decent linux based POS (piece of shit or point of sale?...) system around, but until the current genortation of linux bedroom hackers grows up and start working, linux is going to be at a disadvantage support cost wise. Having said that, Win2003 server is a really solid OS, but maybe it was just deployed in the wrong place? Everything in its right place, right?
  7. Hmmm... unless to magic upgrade crowbar turns up, i may as well just buy a couple more old PC's and be done with it looking at the tags.
  8. I'm pretty sure the only uncracked wireless is TKIP, but this may have changed since i last was googling for wifi hacking.
  9. Cool! Is there anyway of pulling a compatibility list out of OSXx86? I'd quite like to try this, but as with Linux lack of wifi means i won't use it. I'm using a Dell X300 with a Dell Wireless 1400 card, so i doubt mine would work.
  10. http://laptop.media.mit.edu/ bit of background So, my girlfriends off to Africa in a few weeks to do some community work for university. She hadn't heard of the 100$ laptop idea, so I showed her the site and the Slashdot posts. She's going to ask some questions when she gets there, and talk to there target market demographic, and see what they actually think of the idea. Now my position is, it’s a waste of money. Along the lines of Bibles. And donated vehicles* that use engines that are to complex to fix using the tools they have. If you read the Digg and /. Comments they mostly seem to focus on the idea of using Linux in a developing world. Which is a noble goal, but kinda worthless. I'm of the mind that to help, we should build infrastructure (roads, water and power etc), and provide training to people who can then teach others in turn. Basic health care is also a must; both threw training and material assistance (i.e. free drugs, bandages, needles). While a laptop could help here, I see that as unlikely without the basic infrastructure and societal changes needed to make use of computers. Does a farmer need a computer to grow more grain? Does a midwife need a computer in a difficult child birth? So my alternative idea is this: We develop a super-rugged (i.e. the AK47 of phones) mobile phone with basic wap/sms/voice stuff. Use the hand crank or solar cell for power. Make it so they can be repaired or upgraded with very basic tools and modular cheap off the shelf parts. Then deploy a basic cell phone or satellite network. This will allow communication in emergencies, farmers to get weather info via SMS or WAP, doctors to give or receive advice. And it’s much more useful. So what are your thoughts? * I heard about this from a time I was working at the MotoGP. These guys were doing a race across Africa and came across all these broken vehicles with very little wrong with them. When they asked why they hadn't been fixed they were told that the parts were too difficult to get, to expensive and no one knew how to do it anyway. So when they broke they stayed broken. So the guys had set up a charity to donate these people old motorbikes, spare parts and training to the locals. This proved far more useful than donating newer vehicles that were to complex.
  11. Wonder if i could run something like that on the old P2 (compaq armada 3500, mint laptop in its day)? Got a link so i can see the concept a bit clearer?
  12. VaKo


    http://www.cssbasics.com/ This was the best one i found for newibes. - http://alistapart.com/ Slightly more advanced, but if you use your head and reverse enginer things a bit you can learn a lot from here. - http://www.csscreator.com/version2/pagelayout.php Good for learning about layouts with CSS. - http://www.digg.com/design Just another great resource for tips, new ideas and problem solving. - www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html Very good text editor for css/xhtml work. - http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html run your own webserver on your LAN for dev work - Hope this helps you!
  13. Email the authour and have a word with him?
  14. No drivers for it... and very unlikey that there will be. Apple don't want you running OSX on anything but a Mac (atm) and unlike the XP on a Mac projects, they will sue/invoke the DMCA if people start promoting it to much.
  15. Install windows? ;-) /me runs from the screaming mob of linux fans
  16. http://www.portforward.com/ slightly off topic, but this site has to be the daddy of port forwarding resources.
  17. http://www.xensource.com/xen/downloads/ What do i need? the tarball, the RPM? Boy do i feel like total n00b atm... Basically i need an always-on webserver, and the abillity to run Windows 2003 (its for learning, so i can get work and eat). But I only have this one box and an ancient compaq p2 laptop to play with (main machine and my other laptops are for work so i can't piss around with them).
  18. nope, i'm stoned and i missed the fendora core bit... well... fuck knows what i thought... sorry, you can start the beating now... :oops:
  19. Go with a plantronics then, i've seen them thrown at walls over and over again and they seem to work fine after that. (i worked on tech support for BT's I'm-a-dumb-shmuck broadband service)
  20. VaKo


    Spend some money of your own instead of stealing? Or you like having a view with bars and a new 200lb roommate who wants some lovin'?...
  21. <apparently smoking weed is bad for you... sorry>
  22. Given that the "server" is a 950mhz AMD with 512mb ram, will it cripple the performance of win2003? Need that to learn about Active Directory and win2003 admin stuff. Xen doesn't seem to support Win2003 without hardware VT, which I don't have...
  23. If not just have them go threw the piles of paperwork that came with the machine. Somewhere in there is gonna be the legal XP key they paid for. Or call MS for a new key, which I *think* is around $10 or local. Sucks, i know... but its a solution.
  24. I think the OEM versions (the ones that come from HP et all with your box) might be tied to specific BIOS/Mobo types (anyone want to confirm?), which is only a problem if you change the mobo. The license of XP that MS issues is not tied to a particular CD, but if your XP disc came from a OEM providor they may have fucked with it. If that is the case, downloading a XP ISO (home, not pro..) will bypass this, and allow you to install XP with your mates key.
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