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  1. The VGA to CAT5 looks pretty funky. Cheers for that. Think this is gonna have to wait until I have my computers closer together.
  2. The product key is probally the bulk installer one the PC maker used when it was built. Which if its a pre-SP2 one has probally been pirated up the wazoo and back by now. By law they should have provided the key to the windows license they paid for with the computer. Which is in the documentation somewhere. Without a working key, your not going to be able to install windows on the box. But they key isn't tied to the disc itself, so as long as it accepts it, windows will boot. Windows update does have limited functionality with a compromised key. Also, you sure you copied it down correctly? Try variations based on your hand wrighting?
  3. /me waves fist and splutters rage ;-) You can grab a torrent (google it) or use nLite (again, google it) to make one yourself using your XP disc. Its gray area legal, as in MS probally won't like you doing it but its not gonna get you jail time.
  4. [edit] I misread your post sorry, is it that nothing will boot from the CD/DVD drive at all? Have you tried a linux LiveCD? Just to test that it can actually still boot? [/edit] Put in the XP disc again (if its the non-sp2 version, download a version with SP2 preloaded... its legal if you only use the XP licence the own already), do a new install. When it asks you where you want to put the OS, delete the partition, recreate it and then allow XP to reinstall on the recreated partition. Follow the install threw to the end, inputting the correct product key when asked. Don't reboot until windows asks you to. If its still saying "DISK BOOT FAILURE etc" after that i'd try putting the disk in another XP machine and doing a full disk check, might be the HD itself is problamatic. What was the origonal issue with the computer? Was there problems booting before or was it just full of gunk?
  5. I have a spare PC thats currently running Win2003 as a headless box (using remote desktop to control it). What i'd like to be able to do is dual boot between Win2003 and *nix. But since this machine is headless i can't just run a boot manager and do it normally. So, is there any type of boot manager than has a VNC (or similar) client? I'd like to be able to pipe monitor/kb/mouse to any computer on the LAN, but before either OS has loaded. (once the OS has loaded i can do VNC stuff normally). Possible or pipe dream? The other option is a KVM switch and 10m of cables...
  6. What type of thing are you looking for? A stereo headset you can listen to music on as well or a single ear piece one just for comms? Bluetooth or cabled? Logitech do quite a few, but they all look a bit "hmmmm..." IMHO. The Plantronics headset I own is really well built, but needs a bit of modding to work with 3.5mm jacks. But they also make standard computer stuff. http://www.cordless-phones.uk.com/headsets...puter-headsets/
  7. [off topic] What is it you people do that has windows crashing every 5 seconds? I've got a win2003 box that hasn't been rebooted in 2 months. As for my XP box, never had a problem with it, no viruses, no crashes, no BSOD's. So, how come Billy G gifted me with the only working copy of XP? The day Linux gets a virus (don't say its impossible, because it isn't) I will probally have a heart attack from laughing so much. [/off topic]
  8. Or you view the file as text and see this... lol
  9. right click -> save link as... what does it do btw?
  10. Not anymore, just paid for the IP rights to all "i've missed the point" jokes... muhahaha
  11. That seems like some thing I would say... Oh shit, did i steal your joke?
  12. What I don't get is why everyone is against the Inland Lake Yachting Association? I mean if you look at there web page (www.ilya.org) they seem like decent enough people.
  13. http://www.f-secure.com/ My sister was kinda the same, so my dad sorted her out with F-Secure Internet Security 2006. Not used it personally but i hear its good.
  14. School? UNIX? what type of crazy dream world did you grow up in? ;-) We had BBC Basic's and Acorns...
  15. http://sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/f...re/5/i386//iso/ Core 5 on CD. I'd say get both and find with works for you. Grab a copy of VMware if you can, very useful for playing with things before you nuke your laptop.
  16. Depends on the target market for the DVD. Is it people who hack around with stuff, and are fairly well grounded computer wise? Or people who may not be quite there yet? To get the best of both worlds i'd put the more hardcore coding stuff towards the end of the disc, and start with the more flashy hardware stuff. That way its a nice introduction for our less geeky brethren, and still interesting for the more advanced amongst us.
  17. I would suggest downloading a few more in that case. True, it is a comedy show, but there are some absolute gems in there depspite the dumbing down. IE his interview with the head of Iraq's airforce under saddam or paul bremmer. I think his tactic is to actually get people who think politics is "boring" to realise what is going on. I watched him get interviewed by Larry King and he seemed so defeated. His comments were basically that he didn't know what more it would take for people to realise republican/democrat contest was destroying his country. Has anyone downloaded the torrent BTW? As for the french, they have problems with there society. Largery based on a very idealistic view of national identity coupled with a large amount of immigrants. But i'm so sick of hearing this anti-french stuff from a large amount of people who A: have never been to france, b: have never known a french person and c: don't read the news beyond the headlines. What we can expect is french-islamic hip-hop...
  18. Adobe Encore 2 seems to work nicely, playing with it at the moment for some uni projects. Pricey, but you know... Plus it works well with the rest of Adobe's stuff. As for content, that is a hard one, the difference in production quality between ep1 and 8.5 is huge. But the Gamecube DVD player has to be the best hak so far.
  19. Not go time to test it right now, but is this any good? http://www.riverpast.com/en/support/tutori...ert/mp4/avi.php
  20. But in this case the off-topic talk was actually more interesting than the subject (IMHO, sorry... but i think those kids weren't hush-hush enough).
  21. It depends, back when I was 18 I wanted to take a look around a construction site (new court building in my old home town) and take some photo's. I could of broken in (ie wait till they've gone home and fence jump). But I asked the site manager instead. He said sure, gave me a hard hat and took me around. You'd be suprised how open some people can actually be. My long-winded, vauge point being that if your caught "hacking" at school, you are fucked.
  22. Nice inteligent reply, much respect. But again, out of interest, do you need any firearms training to carry conceled weapons in Arizona? Personally, if it comes down to it, I have no idea if I could or not. Just never been in a situation that could warrent the use of deadly force. <btw, to make it clear, I love guns, I just wish there was an IQ/morality/emotional stability test to own one.>
  23. No, its not. It might be given time, and it is very very good given that its free, but its not as good as Photoshop CS2. Had a brief play with it, and its not a sutible replacement *for my needs*. Hopefully, once Photoshop et all for OSX x86 comes out, it won't be to much of a misson to port it to linux or bsd.
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