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  1. I know VNC with SSH Tunnels was cover on ep.7. I am following the video on youtube.com. I can across with a problem. I want to use it on RealVNC, not tightVNC. on the video, they said that you need to make a DWORD value for RealVNC, and it would be on the Shownotes http://www.hak5.org/wiki/Episode_1x07#Secu...ith_SSH_Tunnels I looked on the shownotes, I guess it was removed. so what do I need to do on regedit to make this work on RealVNC?
  2. anyone who plays source or hl1 games knows steam. steam is a program made by VALVe to distribute and update their games, and replaced the WON system. I am wondering if there is a way to put games thats not made for steam in the "My Games" list. I don't care if I put the games in the steam directory or put a shortcut in the menu, or hack the steam code. I just want to be able to start all my games in my steam list. is this possible
  3. I want a free sandbox software that is like virtual windows. I want it to run like window in a contain window. I don't want sandbox that you select a software, and it will run without crashing/infecting the system, I want windows running within windows. wow, i said windows alot... **stupid Microsoft** **poor security** **too many viruses** MACS RULE!!!!
  4. I heard that there is a way to have windows on a intel mac. I am wondering if there is a way to put OSX on a pc. I don't want a emulator. I want OSX running on a pc as if it was on normal g5/intel mac machine.
  5. I FIXED IT I ran windows in safe mode and this HPIZ thing didn't poped up, which means it's not a windows critical program, I once again went though the add/remove programs agian then I found a program called "HP Image Zone plus 4.5.0" so I though it could be the same thing, so I deleated it, now my computer works :D
  6. I like a mac, but I don't have the money right now. Is linux good enough to switch too, I got a live disk, but the computer is slow with linux. maybe bacause I have an ATI video card (I heard its not good with linux) MAC FOREVER!! :D
  7. If you want to have your files locked up so no one else can access your file. I found this program called TrueCrypt which is the best, better then the programs then all other encryption programs. AND IT'S FREE, it's a opensource program which it a good thing, which means that the program it so beaten down to death, so its bug free. http://www.truecrypt.org/downloads.php ok, I didn't found it. It was on "Call for Help" some of you people might know it, Hak.5 was on, I found out Hak.5 on that show, and I bet some of you people found out this place on "Call for Help" too. If you don't know "Call for Help", the hosts were on Hak.5 ep. 6, Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Mikey, etc. If you don't understand tech enough to understand Hak.5, then watch call for help, it is ment for people who doesn't understand tech.
  8. I just trying not to reinstall windows because I don't want to start everything from freash, I don't want to back up my computer, last time i did, the back up took forever, and it I have to keep coming back to put in a new disk. then it crashed my comp.
  9. I did google it, I found nothing I looked it the add/remove program, not there I did record my Errors, I put the numers, its not part of the error. 1. Internal Error 2908 {ECF8B151-36E3-4AA7-ABA3-E8A1BB85B4DB} 2. Internal Error 2908 {1F2EFF69-3DBE-4485-B545-2EAB3587768E} 3. Internal Error 2908 {9A601540-0EF4-41C6-BBA2-90960B595BF0} 4. Internal Error 2908 {4B9D83B3-EF97-4988-95AD-8448A9EE26C7} 5. Internal Error 2908 {E99CFA76-6332-480E-9A97-9B8DE853F776} 6. Internal Error 2908 {F8438306-C215-421F-946D-F364C87BFF99} 7. Internal Error 2908 {826319D7-850F-4DE3-867A-5E1AD85B7620} 8. Internal Error 2908 {895D7126-F29B-4AD3-9C15-9D91DE446BD7} 9. Internal Error 2908 {2A3C8C01-A190-4F10-B3C4-1B02B941E356} 10. Internal Error 2908 {6AF510E5-0242-440C-BE4C-F78C4E5BD638} 11. Internal Error 2908 {8BA7B601-CF38-4869-96FD-800D87AAA16B} 12. Internal Error 2908 {05BB061F-058A-45EC-8E4B-07EC29F70580} 13. Internal Error 2908 {14F74E7A-38A7-4E00-B0C5-23621C323BC1} 14. Internal Error 2908 {A5E99FEF-2BDB-4712-9CA2-CA4E71E28CA0} 15. Internal Error 2908 {68F4030A-F75D-4976-8AAB-B3910653A3A4} 16. Internal Error 2908 {7A14539F-3838-4675-A9B8-ABC09F6F40C6} 17. Internal Error 2908 {745ADBF7-EA4A-48B4-BAEA-D7C124479DF6} 18. Internal Error 2908 {F416205F-17B4-4375-9820-D8149908DB25} 19. Internal Error 2908 {E6086B47-988C-42E3-9C15-15F354784496} 20. Internal Error 2908 {151B8607-6C22-4231-9A7B-BB6440FE77E0} 21. Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'interop.hpodcore3,Version="2.0.468.1598",PubicKeyToken="a53CF5803F4C3827",Culture+neutral"". Please refer to help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8002802f. Yes, it did took a long time, I couldn't just copy and paste. i did chacked help and support as the last error said, i got nothing PLEASE BE HELPFUL!!!
  10. when i open some programs (mostly microsoft programs) I get a window with a title of HPIZplus450. It has a loading bar, it completes, the window pops up again, and sometimes a thrid time, at the last time, i get hundreds of error. most of the time i just click cancel. The program does run after all of this, but its just plain old annoying. PS. this been happening ever since I tried to install microsoft max, but of corse, it didn't install all the way leave tons of errors to laugh at me.
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