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  1. Umm.. Has hak5 degraded to the point of idiots posting crap like this? Not to mention the IRC.. Example of a typical IRC conversation I see in the #hak5 room: TheZ dude it is a flying car!!!! OMGZ!!! Jamro zomfg! Iam8up zomfglikwtfbbq?!!?!?!?!? wher!!?
  2. Why do you care? Those kind of owned links go out all the time. Probably just trying to pwn some people.
  3. What would HDD be because my linux box always says HDD. :?
  4. Apache + PHP + MySql = FTW OS fanboy. :D
  5. Yeah I have a version of it I think. I also have OCD and some really weird things I do compulsively. I have a weird mode I get into when using technology where I can find many solutions to problems. I know it's just problem solving but I swear my mind feels really really different when I'm faced with a tech related issue than a regular life issue. I also get obsessed when coding. It's really hard to explain. I think it's the OCD (of which I've been diagnosed). Or it's just that I'm a programmer. :D
  6. Hey what's the IRC plugin that monitors memory usage / CPU and network activity? You can then post it in the IRC window for increased epenis size. I would like to try it out. It's sort of similar to those programs but in IRC.
  7. Why not put linux on it instead of Windows. :P
  8. It always works for me when firefox had that little yellow missing plugin thing under the address bar. It installs it fine. Make sure you have the latest stable release.
  9. WTF? Does it protect you from running trojans in wine? .. I have never heard of a linux virus that has actually been more than hype.
  10. Nod32 or whatever. Your parents will like it's simplicity and their computer will LOVE the low memory usage. :D
  11. Work / Programming / hacking / screwing around with / editing = Linux Gaming / Graphic Design = Windows Video Encoding = Mac (Handbrake ftw)
  12. Foxx: Even if ilya got flamed , who cares? I get constant shit in the IRC room, even from you. So if you're saying there shouldn't be insults , well there is. I get them a lot.
  13. You got cut off on the end there. Please continue. And what drama are we speaking of? I think the new 8.5 mini episode pretty sums it up. People are mistaken about what the show is actually about.
  14. OSX on intel would be awesome. But what about some Jon Coding segments? Ajax segment was very good. And maybe some of his older segments.
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