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  1. You guys got SCART over there? At one point I had a old WinXP Pro box hooked up to a TV set via S-Video -> SCART. Its pretty much plug and play, worked like a charm and if you only have one PC & TV it works so well. Total cost... about £5 for the cable and a s-video to SCART convertor. Battlefield 2 on a 30" TV? Priceless...
  2. Sorry dude, its using a SiS 651 chipset which only supports AGP4X... Now, to use AGPX8 you will need a new motherboard, which kinda means a new processor and RAM as well (depends on if you can find a compatible mobo that does x8 for your old stuff, check ebay etc). But don't rush out with your beer money just yet, I'd wait until you can afford a PCI-E based system and do the lot then. Unless you can find something 2nd hand for cheap that is.
  3. I can see it now, the pizza guys running late, knocks a little to loud... 300 jitterly gamers hit detonate at the same time....
  4. Kinda get the feeling there might have been more to it than a randomly targeted LAN party. Does anyone have any more info? Anything along the lines of a press statement from the cops? Or something from someone who knows them? As for doing it in england... I kinda doubt it. As someone who's been on the wrong side of a police raid (at a rave) it takes a lot of man power to pull it off. If your worried, hold your LAN partys on saturday nights, cops will be far to busy with drunks to have time to bother with you.
  5. Buy nvidia? Meh... INTEL hardware, while not the fastest, is ususally the most stable. So replacing your motherboard because of a wrong setting is kinda overkill. And dumb. WHQL is Windows Hardware Quality Labs, which means MS did some testing and there's less chance it will fubar your loved ones. They may not get your an uber 3d mark score, but in general these drivers are more stable, if your having problems try them. What we need to know is who made your mobo, and what did they use? So grab CPU-Z from here http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php, and note down what it says. Also you can see what your mobo is set to AGP wise using CPU-Z. You'll need get the latest drivers/bios updates for your hardware. This means the Intel INFs (if its intel) and the ATI stuff. Try www.guru3d.com. You should of done it before, but head on over to windows update as well. Once that is done, reboot and head into bios, go threw everything, until you find the AGP settings. Make sure its set to 8x not 4x (CPU-Z will tell you what it is set to). If this doesn't fix it, update the BIOS on the mobo and card.
  6. You kinda have to watch it to see the similarities... And maybe even download the TPB movie/pilot (Google it). It’s the kinda mocumentary filming style, the way they speak to the camera, they way it flicks between interaction and action. Obviously one is about crime and the other about games. Why is TPB better? Bigger budget, more experienced cast and writers (that just comes with time though) and a great scene where a masked guy robs a store with a camera crew trailing him. But if you like Pure Pwnage, you might like Trailer Park Boys. Both Canadian as well.
  7. Hmmm... Trailer Park Boys did this first, and better... sorry
  8. Need a bit more info mate, What type of BIOS? Intel or AMD? Chipset? Driver versions? Windows XP or *nix? Is everything in sight fully up to date? WHQL drivers? (does actually make a difference sometimes)
  9. Thinking far to small there. For anyone who had a personal computer in the early 90's we've seen far more change in the last 15years. Your predictions might come true in the next few years, but not everywhere. 20-30 years down the line things will be wildly advanced beyond anything in your article. You need to look at things like the Balkanisation of the web, potential wars the US might not come out of to well. (imagine if Asia/china took over the mantle of global super power, it would lead to a radically different direction than if america remains there). Things like OLED,s eINK, flexible displays etc Also, think of net access as becoming more of a human rights issue, akin to water/power. Think about goverment crackdowns on free speech (a real issue in the west now) and how that will effect things. In my view there will always be a place for having your own systems, maybe a big server in your basement and a variation on a dynamic PAN network. Good start though, wish i had more time to do a more detailed comment.
  10. I got a Hak.5 torrent down at 1000kps+ once, and i'm on the other side of the Atlantic.
  11. http://httpdpalm.sourceforge.net/ Stage one, got a webserver app for my Treo650.
  12. "In 2008 Hak.5 became the first nuclear capable IPTV show after a disastrous attempt to increase an iPod's battery life."?
  13. If you mean queue up some tracks and mix in talking with it, i'm not sure. I think VLC is more software to push/pull audio/video from anywhere to anywhere. Rather than mixing several streams (audio/music & mic feed i presume) together and streaming the result (it probally can, i just don't know how to). If your mixing the mic and the audio together in hardware or another program, VLC would be a good way of taking that stream and doing anything you want with it. If your not, i suspect there are better solutions out there.
  14. Idea: 1: Start a Company with a vague flash website indicating that what ever the hell it is you do, it’s Cool. 2: "Leak" information showing that you've been in talks with Apple and Google (even if it was just a prank call). 3: Post link to a blog that’s exposing the "leaked" docs on Digg; include WoW & Bush reference in the title. 4: Get everyone you know to Digg it! (That includes grandma; she's going to have to learn about the internet to). This will ensure front page resulting in pages of random speculation (and flame wars thanks to the new comments system). 5: Repeat with random blogs until you reach the front page of Slashdot. 6: Read all the comments, then take the best ideas and design a product from them. Announce that it runs Linux and has a 100% open design (even if you’re not sure what to make yet). 7: Create a website with as much white space as possible. Be sure to include several thousand 3D MAX renders, all showing wildly different ideas. Announce launch date, a shipping date, a street date, a store date, and a home date. Announce prices. Then pull the page from your site and pretend it was another “leakâ€. 8: Sell out to Microsoft, who will discard your idea and reuse the product name for a line of left handed budget gaming mice. With rubber track balls. 9: Open your copy of Flash again...
  15. VaKo


    Good luck with that... over here the goverment was debating our right to have knives with pointy ends...
  16. VaKo


    Hey, England hasn't had a useful generation in years and we're doing ok. Kinda... If you ignore the 11yr old junkies, mobs of drunken council estate trash and the series of largely incompetent governments….
  17. VaKo


    maybe the root of the problem is here?
  18. VLC rules, there is nothing that program cannot do. I swear you could run a entire TV station from it. Trying to set it up as a video on demand system with a gui atm.
  19. Anyone used VLC player? Seems to have a whole host of streaming features (both audio and video), and has a lot of complicated networking stuff to boot. Worth having a look at (http://www.videolan.org/streaming/)... Shoutcast might be easyer to setup though. Bare in mind that over the Internet its not gonna be great, most home ADSL/Cable connections just don't have the upload bandwidth. However, if your sharing a network with a bunch of people its great. Works well at partys if you can sync up 2-3 hi-fi's over your house. (always a bit of an arse with shoutcast i found).
  20. http://www.ipcctvcameras.co.uk/WiredIPCameras.htm (UK Prices, kinda cheap) http://www.stardot-tech.com (american, far more pricey) http://www.mobileplanet.com/search.asp?sid...&cat=ETHCAM Bit cheaper, american (althought parent company is fairly global so international orders shouldn't be an issue). About 100£/180$ per camera, plus a 4-port switch/8 port router to hook it all into. You will also need a spare PC to act as a webserver (to pull the feeds from the various cameras, combine/compress it and stream them out onto the web (via the router i mentioned)). With 256kbit upload though, it will be kinda crappy quality, and if you have people who use Bittorrent/p2p... forget about it. You just don't have the bandwidth for it. Pictures, no problem, all you have to do is set the cameras to save an image with a certain name in a web accesible folder every X seconds, allowing overwright, then create a simple web page to display that image and refresh every X seconds. Bandwidth wise, just stick a bandwidth logging util on the server and make sure it doesn't go to high. Then just tweak the quality[/size] of the video/image until it falls within acceptable limits. BTW, check out this link to see loads of unsercured cameras around the world. (remeber, play nice...): http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=...G=Google+Search
  21. Care to make us all look on in horror?
  22. VaKo


    "Ok, my one sin is a dude, and 2 wrong girlfriends" Who said geeks had dull lives?
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    or: http://www.powertyping.com/qwerty/lessonsq.html?
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    Damn you spektormax! Damn you and your Keyboard of Woe! ;-)
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