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  1. NO! You can't directly connect any computer to the on board wifi of the pineapple. It's a router, not a wireless adaptor.
  2. That didn't really answer my question though. Are you trying to install the tools on the pineapple? You can't directly connect the pineapple's wireless to your machine, it doesn't work that way.
  3. I played with it for a little while. I just created a mirror port on my switch. Course most folks don't have $300 switches on their home networks. You can also use the hak5 throwing star tap. The box security onion is installed on will need three network ports though. Two for the tap, and one that's not connected to your network for your monitor computer.
  4. If you have the network key, then like I said before, set up the wifi like you would any other access point. Provide a louder signal than the real access point and deauth the shit out of the real ap. Once the client connects, run you mitm attacks.
  5. Just so I understand what you're trying to do.. You're trying to use the pineapple's wifi cards in Kali on your laptop?
  6. If you can't do the forwarding on the router, then ssh isn't the perfect tool. The connection doesn't matter, dsl, cable, fiber, microwave, string and dixie cups, if you don't control the router, you're not going to be port forwarding.
  7. This should be stickied..
  8. If that's the case, then setup the wifi on your pineapple. Once it's working, you can deauth the legitimate ap, and the clients should hop to your ap. It's not an exact science though. Some clients will ignore the deauth packet. Not sure why though. Make sure you're sending the deauths from your legitimate ap's mac address.
  9. Bingo! If it's their own device's network, you can't legally do a thing to them. Let them eat up their parent's data. If they're using school chromebooks, then you can still put restrictions on them. Our district would do the detention, suspension, complete removal of school tech access, for any computer hackery. Chromebooks didn't exist at the time, but we did have a test program going. Every middle school student was issued a Macbook. We had a few thousand macbooks floating around, and for the most part it worked pretty well. One of the guys programed up a phone home program that would check in with one of our public facing servers. If the laptop's mac address was on a file, it would return as much network info it could. It helped there were only two places you could get a Mac worked on in town, so theft wasn't really a big deal. We'd usually get them back within a couple months. It helped the next "big" town was an 8 hour drive away.
  10. It's not that we're looking down on newbs, but at times the questions asked are kind of suspect. You don't need their account info to filter the internet, that's done at the firewall. The pineapple won't help you track down rogue access points. You use a laptop and kismet to do that. Having worked at a K-12 school district, I feel your pain. The best way to find your way past a network filter is to ask a middle schooler. They can get through damn near anything...
  11. The only way to fake an encrypted network is to know the network key.
  12. Probably with our old Atari 520ST. We'd daisy chain a half dozen of them at a friends house and play midi-maze. I'd try to figure out how to kill the other players without playing the game. Never really did figure anything out, but was fun trying. I was like 12 or 13 when it came out.
  13. I don't know, is Word easier than Windows?
  14. It's the power regulator. All my wireless access points do this. You only notice when there's a lot of traffic flowing, and it's quiet. I'll ping the guys and let them know though.
  15. Yea, tell your IT guy you're trying to search for something and the firewall is blocking it. If it's legit, they'll unblock, if not, look from home.