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  1. It's a ham radio term. The "fox" is your target. The "hounds" are your radios. It's also the same way we find radio tagged animals in the wild. You have your listening device with a directional antenna. Tune it to the target frequency, and start pointing it till the signal get strongest. Note the direction on your map(draw a line). Move to a location not towards your target and find it again, note the direction('nother line). Where the two lines cross, is close to your target. Go to that spot and start over. I've done the same thing to find rogue access points using a sharp zaurus and a modified compact flash wireless card.
  2. Looks like it's just standard fox and hound signal locating.
  3. Because even if it doesn't work, he'll learn something, and still have a pretty kick ass hexacopter.
  4. New radio firmware. Doesn't your carrier allow calls over wifi?
  5. So now it's two guys who don't know what they're talking about making generalized "I think it does this" statements. Great.
  6. About 6 to 8 months after 9/11, I was deployed to the giant sandbox. We made an overnight stop somewhere and went through a civilian airport to get back to the jets. Now these are military refuelers, which are also cargo planes. We had crates with our helmets, armor, and rifles onboard already. We fly in uniform, so most of us have pocket knives in our pockets and leatherman tools on our belts. The morons at the gates took our knives. Can't have us taking over the planes!! TSA and Homeland Security is a joke.
  7. Sometimes??!!!
  8. Yea, that happened with the Netstumbler forums, then again with the Kali (Backtrack) forums.
  9. Microsd cards are pretty small, and hold a shit ton of data. Wouldn't be too hard to hide one inside another electronic device. Or encrypt it and mail it home.
  10. Heh, my OSX servers used to get this crap back in 03 or 04. I just block all of China now. Much easier.
  11. Can't stand sonicwalls. Their rules are funky to set up. I'm also not a fan of their subscription model. Unfortunately our lead engineer gets kickbacks from them or something, they're getting installed everywhere.
  12. Depending on your firewall, that can do all you want. This is a snapshot of traffic while my wife's desktop was doing a BackBlaze file restore. Firewall is pfsense with the ntopng plugin installed.
  13. Why do you need a vpn for torrenting?
  14. Don't fuck with the school computers. We hate that shit.
  15. The 3DR drones.