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  1. Why do you need a vpn for torrenting?
  2. Don't fuck with the school computers. We hate that shit.
  3. The 3DR drones.
  4. That's a cool idea using those strap on Sony cameras for a sensor. I don't think I've ever seen someone use one with their phone. Still waiting for my Sprite. They're finally shipping them though, but I'm backer 500 and something, so maybe I'll have it by Derbycon....
  5. I'm sure it matters, but I don't think it matters that much. I could be wrong though. I've always stuck to hanger or romex diameter, so 10 or 12 gauge wire.
  6. Yep. The first one I built I used the copper out of a chunk of romex electrical wire. I've also used cloths hangers, but they will rust.
  7. Any metal will work.
  8. Yea, but posting in the correct forum is pretty much universal with any forum, not just this one. It really helps with getting proper/timely answers.
  9. Russia did it.
  10. Hope it works! If not, these guys are the bomb!
  11. I'd say 90% of my clients servers are all virtual machines. 0% of them run VMs on the desktops. You're right, most students won't think that. Then they get into the real world and find out different.
  12. First hit with a google search of Nokia C020.
  13. Probably, but then any wireless router could do this. Also, you really need to change those passwords.
  14. I take it you're still a student then. In the 25ish years I've been working in IT, I've only seen a couple networks where the user's didn't have local admin rights. Not every company has the money to pay someone to go around and update Adobe flash/reader every time it updates. The whole "don't allow software to run in the user's directory" bullshit causes tons of applications to shit itself. It's just not worth the headaches, vs the "maybe they will get a crypto virus". Sure you can set up a local admin account that the user's can use, but within a week, they'll just use that account for everything. At least this way when files on the server get encrypted, we can look at the user profiles and find the user, since it will be encrypted too. Server files get rolled back to before the trojan, and the desktop gets wiped and reimaged. Which my adversarial-question is, why is that an advantage? Because in this case, the host can't be compromised.
  15. Okay, which one of your assholes killed Amazon's E2 environment?