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  1. Yea, they haven't had the mug in a while.
  2. It's a question that most likely won't(shouldn't) get answered here. I know for a fact TLA's browse the forums.
  3. Wait, he blocked Google and the internet still worked! Holy crap! We actually had a 6th grader set up a ssh tunnel from his school computer to his house! This was back in 05 or 06, not sure if he got the info from here though.
  4. Right, like I said, run the server at home, have the pineapple connect to that vpn connection, and share out over wifi. Though I'll let you know right now, we got pretty good at detecting vpn connections to bypass filters. We also actively looked for rogue access points running in the schools.
  5. If all you want is a secure connection to somewhere for logs and whatnot to go, run an openvpn server from home. You can use duckdns so you don't have to have a static ip address.
  6. For every question except which adapter, no. As for the adapter, you'll need a sdr for that.
  7. It shouldn't matter, but add to the rpi's DNS. Also what happens if you do a traceroute to
  8. Most of the members of this forum won't get the Fonz reference.
  9. Depends on the cable. Those little ones on the inside of laptops are about the max you want to go, so maybe a foot or so.
  10. I think it's like 10 posts.
  11. If you're running twin duck, you need to hit the caps lock button 4 times to fire off the script.
  12. Most modern operating systems will prefer a wired network connection over wifi, that's why the default route is being changed. If you disable network manager before connecting, this probably won't happen.
  13. The little usb device is a microsd reader. Not sure about the other stuff.
  14. Or just do it the way cell providers do it. Use a few sector antennas. Also, Y connectors don't work for microwave, unless they have some kind of circuitry inside. Normal splitters will bleed away most of the signal. So, you'd need one of these, and three of these. Plus whatever pigtails to connect the antennas to the splitter, then the splitter to your capture device. The antennas and splitter use N connectors, so say four of these. Now I'll assume your device uses rpsma, so one of these. $11.99 $79.99 $186.67 $186.67 $186.67 $20.99 $20.99 $20.99 ________ $714.96 plus tax and shipping. Not going to be cheap, and can't guarantee it will work.
  15. I'm pretty sure you're on the wrong forum....