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i know there are some of us who consider all books other than textbooks and how to books evil. but for those of us who do like to read on occasion what do you read and what kinds of books do you like?

my favorite kind of book would be anything that has some huge epic adventure. swords and sorcery are always a +. never liked romantic novels(outside of manga.). i dont like anything thats too realistic for this century lol. if i read a book i wanna read about something ill probably never see in my life.

i guess the 2 best books i've read are redwall and the summoner

redwall falls under the category of childrens books but its got a good story (clean or not).

and the summoner is definately the best book ive read. great story, characters, and the thing is fucking huge. paperback has 637 pages. its over an inch thick lol. http://www.chroniclesofthenecromancer.com/...age/3827767.htm. may not be all that big to some of you but thats larger than what i usually read.

then i know there are some of you that read a lot of manga. so


sgt frog

.hack legend of the twilight

comic party

and you cant beat hellsing.

plenty more but those were the best.

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I like smart books and romances. Some of my favorite books are Ender's Game (including the rest of that series) and Twilight (I know it's popular, but it's good.)

As far as manga goes:


Ouran High School


Death Note

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Sailor Moon


Peach Girl


Mamotte Shugogetten

Japan, Ai!

Also like:

Harry Potter

Daughter of the Blood series

Dune series

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Wheel of Time - Definition of epic, gotta learn to quick scan or your gonna stab urself

Ancient Future series by Traci Harding - Australian author, kings, knights epic battles and romance really good

All the Three World novels by Ian Irvine are fantastic

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