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Bridging Fon's?

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Would it be possible to link 2 fons together over wireless to cover a large wifi area.

For example you got a laptop, a router, another router then a laptop..

////////////Connects to ->//////<--------------->//////<--- Connects to

Laptop 1 ------------------Fon1-------------------Fon2--------------------- Laptop 2

using some linux software to connect fon1 to fon2 as a bridge so that the area covered is larger.

It would be cool to have a small cluster of wifi networks over a small community or a network with close friends.

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Okay so similar question, no need for a new thread. Could you use the fon with jasager to connect to 1 wireless signal, and still function with karma as it does? So you can basically act as a wireless pass through?

I think you can get madwifi to work as both a client and an AP so you should be able to. You'd just use wlanconfig to create two VAPs then treat them as separate devices and run them in the same way you would ath0 and eth0.

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