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Mac programs over Windows...


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Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I´m from Brazil. I must say, first, that HACK5 is a very nice show, and a lot of my friends here in Brazil see it.

Now my question. My father have a apple´s computer (I thing it is a G5) and there is a lot of cool programs on it, I was wondering: can I run some of these programs at my PC (AMD-64 3500+ / 1Gb RAM, Windows XP) ?

ps: Sorry for the terrible english.

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you cant run powerpc os's in a VM can u... only if he had a x86 ver of tiger...

So all those console emulators that run on Linux work because...

Those consoles all use x86 processors? Nope.

Then surely there must be a copy of the chips used in those consoles somewhere inside the system? Nope.

Maybe when Techno opted for an emulator, he really meant it? Look for PearPC (or some such) for a virtual Power PC platform. It'll without a doubt be slower than the real thing, but if that's an issue maybe you should just buy the hardware.

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heh don't worry squit, he's just being melodic ;)

welcome to the forums, by the way :)

when Techno mentioned emulators, I am sure he did mean as Cooper mentioned - something like PearPC - this program will (in theory, and it won't be a smooth ride) let you run the Mac OS as if your PC were a Mac... it won't mess up Windows but you might be able to use it to run those programs you mention. It won't be the best experience in the world, but hopefully good enough to use what you want.

You do have a fairly powerful PC, so hopefully it shouldn't be too slow...

Oh, one least thing - you'll need a copy of a Mac OS... you might be able to borrow from your father or find it somewhere on the net :)

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