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Computing Analogies


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<PSlagle-Tech> you should have seen me explaining the concept of drivers to my mother when I was setting up their computer... I explained it like this...

* JamesR-Tech covers his eyes

<JP_Tech> this could be interesting

<PSlagle-Tech> "Imagine you woke up one morning with a third arm... you wouldn't know how to control it, right? So you get a book and read how to control it, and then you can use it."

* JamesR-Tech copies and pastes to bash.org

<PSlagle-Tech> trhe arm is the modem, and the book is the driver.

<JP_Tech> lol

<PSlagle-Tech> hey... she understood after that. :)

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Hard drive = Long term memory

RAM = Short term memory

Hard Drive = Slow

RAM = Fast

I tried that one, and my mom _still_ can't keep them apart.

I'm about to upgrade the memory in their system, so it's been kind of a topic of discussion.

The best analogy that I've come up with so far is that RAM is like your own memory, and hard drive is like a huge library. One can be accessed quickly, but has limited capacity. The other has near-unlimited capacity, but it takes you a while to find the thing you were looking for.

The problem I have now is that my mom remembers the analogy, but keeps forgetting which item applied to which part of the analogy... >_<

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My bit torrent anagoly goes as follows:

Imagine a bar where the staff have to greet any new customer who comes to the bar before serving anyone else (tcp connection), even if people have been waiting for a while. People will only wait so long before they go somewhere else though (connection timeout) and there is only so many staff you can have on shift at once before you run out of space behind your bar (bandwidth). So if you have a lot of offers on (files downloading at once) your bar will become so swamped with new people that your staff will not have time to serve anyone and people will leave. So ultimately you won't make as much money (download as much) as if you'd only had one offer on that night and been able to serve every customer really quickly. And thats why you should only download one file at once on bit torrent.

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True, but bit torrent math is a complex subject (like firewalling off clients using port 6881 on massive popular torrents, as they're the people who tend to have poorly configured clients and be slower). This was just intended to make google load back when everyone I was living with had 20 files downloaded at once, each and no QOS.

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Dad: Why Won't Vista Make the computer run faster

Me: Cuz it a piece of crap

Dad: But shouldn't it run faster

Me: You could put a corvette body on a honda, but in the end its still a stupid jap car that will only get you up to 60mph

Me: Carbody=OS Engine=CPU


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The best way I could explain to some one why they needed a router to 'convert' there modem (as in ADSL) cable (RJ-11) to a 'bigger version of the same thing' (RJ-45) to connect his PS3 to the Internet was thus: "The router effectively converts the signals coming down the phone line in to signals that a PC/PS3/PS2/XBOX/whatever can understand. With out this you won't be able to connect your PS3 to the Internet "

P.S. So my second day at Maplins, and this guy wanted a adapter to convert a RJ-11 connector to a RJ-45 connector so he could connect his PS3 to the Internet. He already has a PC connecting though a fun USB modem. He got his PS3 from Japan (for some reason). The way he explain what he wanted gave me the impression that he thought that in Japan they used RJ-45 connections for there phone network and that's what they had in there houses. I don't know if they do, but he seemed to think that you connect the PS3 directly to the phone line. He didn't seem too happy when I managed to come up with an analogy that he understood but meant he had to buy a £59.99 ADSL router (since it's a retail shop, every thing is at RRP except for stuff on offer).


Also: If he realy did think what I suspected him of thinking (that is, Rj-45's aren't used in not-Japan), I'm glad I managed to keep his attention away form the shelfs next to the routers. Filled with RJ-45/CAT5/6 cables they are (says Yoda). Although the RJ-45 plugs on the back of the router might of given that away, if so, I didn't pick up on it.

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Sparda, suposably in Japan u can :S i know that all there phone ports are RJ-45 (as of most new Australian Houses). But yea a few mates have said, that in jap, new places have direct Ports in the house so no need for the modem :S not sure how true it is but yeah sounds cool. Though these ports arnt phone ports, there Data points.

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