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The broken


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ya it was thanks lol they think there smart or something lol ty

Who thinks they are smart? What are you saying? The Broken (the thing you linked to) was the original, the Hak5 sketch was a parody of that.

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I find it hilarious to think that someone would get it confused, see the_broken for the first time, and think it was a rip off hak5.



i am glad that i had watched thebroken before i watched hak5 so i didn't get any ideas like that :)

oh well, you gotta know sometime


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Make a picture and post it here so we can laugh at you.

Over here in the national football competition (the type you play with a round ball) there were three teams fighting for the championship. The AZ team was in the lead, but it would come down to the final match of the season to decide the winner. Before the matches were played, they were interviewing people walking into the stadium, and one guy proudly showed a huge tattoo on his calf that already proclaimed AZ to be the champion of the 2006-2007 season.

As you may expect from this little text, AZ got their asses whooped, and the PSV team won the title. I laughed my balls off when that happened, and to this day I hope to run into an interview with that guy to learn what he did to deal with his ultimately clearly flawed tattoo.

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Hak5 for life ;p i think im gona get a tattoo of hak5

While you are at it, you should take the_brokens hacking tips.

Download Kazaa (since there is no spy ware/ad ware/ things other than the porn you are downloading)

Search for Bonzo Buddy, great program, tons of fun.

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The Broken is ok and The Token joke about that intro is damn nice.  Make me laught when I first time see it  :lol:

Hak5 guys (And Alli) should do more things like that.

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