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This atm. Its being worked on, but its not a simple upgrade and needs to be planned to avoid killing the entire site.

Is that only a problem for specific Linux OS's or any OS on the 64 bit Opteron? If not, wouldn't it be as simple as changing over to a new os version or even php version? This could almost be used as an attack in a way, but it says:

[28 Oct 2005 5:03pm UTC] dmitry@php.net

Fixed in CVS HEAD and PHP_5_1.

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Its not worth the risk of doing it in a rush days before the season final, given the idiosyncrasies of 1and1 servers config. There are several realistic options open to us, but time is needed to properly research the situation. 

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at the same time its going to look pretty bad when the wiki is down on opening night and the grayhats (tryin' it out here) flock to wiki for shownotes.

anyway this is really a matter for the root team. the best i can say is be patient and all will be restored with a +7 css mana buff

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