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hilarious helpdesk sketch XD


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I didn't think The IT Crowd was that good, although Graham Linehan is a good writer, Richard Ayoade is an awful actor with no sense of comic timing. The only thing I bothered watching it for was the Chris Morris appearances.

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I thought it was nice to see people make comedy about tech-related issues.

Okay, so it dove down into the average work situation comedy, but I still liked it, and as a matter of fact would like to see a follow-up series. I mean, BOFH has been around and entertaining for quite some time. Surely there's still plenty of material to work with (which, admittedly, tends to become a bit of a problem with the BOFH).

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As vako will tell you, the only way to be a tech support helpdesk person with out getting fired is to do what the company tells you to do, not help the customer.

Actually, there are ways and means around rules like that, you just have to make it damn clear that *you're* helping them, its not official and its a one off. Usually though, if your competent and it doesn't interfere to much with the job you were hired to do, you can get away with a fair bit out side the remit.

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