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Mac poll


Who thinks macs are crap.  

34 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • Yep there crap.
    • Im gay because i use a mac.
    • Im currently setting a mac on fire.
    • I love my mac (alot!)

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your a ignorant wanker

have you ever even used a mac

i hate tossers like you

Damn right. Macs are nice. Synt, you see a Video where someone says that Macs suck and now you thing that Macs are crap? Poor.

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I feel an intervention coming on, soooo once again before everything gets out of hand and people use the wonders of the internet to find out where the source of the neverending stream of rage lives, and then set fire to their house, I'll jump in here for a sec.

Now, Syntax, what were you trying to use the Mac for, 'cause they are extremely handy for certain tasks, and they have the added bonus of having great software for free download, to use and enjoy legally.

I'm not saying you're wrong in your opinion that Macs are hellspawn, just... don't be a dick and tell other people that they're idiots for liking them.

Mel, chilll man, Syntax is a rather ammusing read, and Mac's are overpriced. Hell, every technology is overpriced if you buy it premade.

That's all I'm gonna say, so... there?!

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Macs are over priced, but pretty cool. But something about them just annoys me after awhile, probally the shitty mouse that does it. 1 button is not enough. Plus, its harder to pirate apps.

(pirating games sucks, but pirating a £700 program that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise... not so bad in my view. Adobe has to admit that some of there sucsess comes from students pirating there stuff, learning how to use it, then going to to work in jobs where there apps are paid for... kinda like a free training program. Without that, who would spend that much on a program they didn't know how to use (a 30 day demo is not enough))

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sure i agree with you. but i dont mind that there overpriced...because they just work. hell at work we have a G4 thats 7years old. and its still so good to work on.

sorry for my language everyone. but i hate people dissing macs.

syntax is a interesting read isnt he. silly 'person'


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Just a quickie,

Mel, why did you guess American, was it the hatred of Macs? 'cause if so, it'd be kinda ironic. Most American's I've met, or spoken to have a very open-minded view of Macs, or at least have extensive knowledge of them 'cause they're rather popular in schools o'er the sea.

Orrrr I could've been hanging around Applegeek a bit too much.

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