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Is HAK5 dead?


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5 hours ago, R34P3R B0L7 said:

Yup Looks like it i need some Products all showing out of stock 

All Hak5 KITSūüėĶ


Different topic. Mate.

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On 2/27/2020 at 7:26 AM, kuyaya said:

I thought shannon doesn't work anymore with Hak5. She still continues Threatwire but she wouldn't participate in the shows (as far as I remember). Maybe she get a bit more views on the Hak5 channel.

Mmmmm, beats me, but I did send her a message congratulating her on the move to her new home. I believe she is setting up a studio room there, so will see how that all goes.ūüėé

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3 hours ago, L1nk5h1ft said:

wait is it actually dead?

This is a joke right?

On 3/3/2020 at 4:28 AM, Darren Kitchen said:

I haven't had a chance to read this entire thread but I can respond to the OP and say, absolutely not, Hak5 is very much alive.


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I must say, at 40 years old, I've always been a computer enthusiast. Started on an Apple ][e (2 E) at the age of 8. I've always been the curious type.

People used to ask me if I've ever done any hacking. At first, the answer was always an emphatic "no"! Then it was a "not really - I just experiment and hack my own stuff". Then I tried out Kali Linux, and from there, NetHunter. Now, by extension, hak5 gear. After about 30 years of using, programming, and then repairing computers, I'm just discovering all of these golden goodies at Hak5.org !

I'm going to try to grab an elite kit when my US stimulus check comes in.

I started out hacking my PSP, then my PS3, then my Vita. I've also hacked an original Xbox. Any who, a bit off topic, but my point is: this community can't die yet, as I just found it!!

I hereby forbid the hak5 community to die! There, I said it.

Incidentally, instead of sitting around worrying about Hak5 going away, try telling a few friends about it. Be an doer, rather than a complainer!!

P.S.: I was starting to get into the podcasts. Then the one where Darren and Mubix started talking about the new service called "spotify" came on, and I'm like "how are they just discovering Spotify??". I can be a tiny bit slow sometimes...

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