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  1. I think a lot of people have moved over to the Hak5 Discord channel.
  2. Thanks I have tried that on both a Asmsung Galaxy 8 and. Nexus 7 but it won’t connect to either ....
  3. Ok I have a Nexus 7 but I am having trouble getting it to connect to my Nano. It is working fine on my laptop, do I have to do something if I want to switch it from my laptop to an Android? Or is it plug and play between the two? Thanks!!!!!
  4. I got the Signal 🦉 during the Black Friday sale when I was picking up some other Hak5 gear. I have flashed the latest firmware successfully (a win is a win regardless of how small ...) but have not done anything else with it. Is it good for wardrivimg? And if so any good payloads on github? I do not want to use it as an implant right now so looking/soliciting for other ideas?
  5. Ok I got my brand new Nano up and running on my Windows 10 box. Great Hak5 video for installation, well done again Darren! However .... tried to get my Nano on my Samsung Galaxy 8 and it will not USB tether. I have read in some other places that the “newer” phones do not support the Nano? Thoughts? Should I just go out and buy a Nexus 5 on eBay and use that?
  6. Ok mission accomplished. I actually built this thing and got it up and running. Very cool way of learning about networks and how insecure they are. For us n00bs I would highly recommend this project. Many thanks to hackster for the link. Now if I can get my SharkJack and Signal Owl firing on all cylinders ....
  7. Guilty as charged! You know me to well. It is a Norton Core so probably the same limitations/restrictions... I’ll give it a try and thank you for the help!
  8. I just picked up a Nexus 7 Mr Robot Kali Linux Nethunter Wifi Hacking Security Penetration Tablet. Anybody have any experience using these? Half way decent device for a n00b just getting started and using it on a range for a school project?
  9. I am going to try and build one tomorrow. Is it as easy as it looks?
  10. I get an IP when I do that.
  11. I am told by my ISP that there is a DHCP server connected to my network. I would assume the hotel would too but the fact that neither made my SJ change from magenta means they are not or my SJ is defective. I think the SJ is fine I just need to ensure in find a network on a DHCP server. Should I go ahead and update the firmware?
  12. Hi, you should be able to get a multi hub adapter for your computer you can plug the two USBs into worst case. They are really cheap/affordable.
  13. That is correct, I took the SJ out of the tin, charged it up and have tried my network and a hotel’s Ethernet jack and it never changes from magenta?
  14. The_Dude_31


    I followed directions to the letter on powering up my SJ. Got it all charged up but when I put it into attack mode it boots up, changes to magenta, but then never changes color from magenta? I’ve tried a number of Ethernet jacks but no luck in going green then turning off. I have not updated the firmware. I was interested in seeing if it would do the simple Nmap screen out of the box. Do I, in fact, have to update the firmware first? Thanks
  15. The_Dude_31


    This is something I am very interested in also.
  16. Ok I am back in business. Went out and grabbed a USB I could format as FAT32. Came home, formatted USB in FAT32. I kept the Signal Owl powered up the whole time so it never lost power. I downloaded the firmware to the USB, ejected the USB and plugged it in to the powered up Signal Owl. The Owl went through al of its blinking machinations and ended with a slow blink which should mean firmware is updated and there is no payload on it. I believe I live to fight another day with Signal Owl 🦉.... a signals intelligence platform ....
  17. Ok .... “Houston, we have a problem” ..... I didn’t use the right format for my USB drive; it is an old scan disk .... I still have the signal owl attached to power and it is blinking rapidly, can I just put in a correctly formatted USB drive and still salvage this thing?
  18. Any update on free shipping and if they will refund shipping for a order that was made during the Black Friday time frame?
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