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  1. Hello, I have installed and configured my openvpn server in the cloud with this script: https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install I have both my LAN turtle and my packet squirrel setup to connect to my openvpn server. It would be great if I could configure routing between networks. I see there is info on doing this with access server, however, I have about 5 vpn clients, so the limit of 3 clients on access server won't work for me. Plus, I had already configured everything before I even heard of access server. Basically, I have a LAN Turtle on my home network by itself, and I keep
  2. Hello, I am wondering if the 802.11AC module has been released and is out of stock, or has it not yet been released at all? If the latter, have you just been busy with other things, and not had time to invest thus far, or have you encountered difficulties getting it launched? Also, is it going to require soldering or voided warranty, like with the Kismet Mods? I would love a simple plug-in solution that is discrete and doesn't fill the USB port. I've already bought an Alfa AWUS036ACH WiFi AC module, even before the Mark VII was announced. I planned to use it with Kali, but since it works
  3. Ok, It's probably the Pineapple. It may need to be factory reset. Something seems out of whack. Chrome is usually quite stable. That said, before you reset it, try again with a different browser. Either open the site in Edge, or grab a copy of Firefox, Opera, etc. You don't need to keep them or use them permanently. Just check if the behavior is the same or different there. If you have the same issues in a different browser, then reset the Pineapple. I hope that helps. --Aaron
  4. Hmm, well this is kind of obvious and you probably did this already, but just in case: After disabling adblocker, refresh the page. you can also try clearing your browser cache. I might be barking up the wrong tree. Out of curiosity, what browser and OS are you using?
  5. I am having a similar issue. Streaming toggle is on. Crab is connected to WiFi, and C2 says it is online. TV displays picture just the same with and without the crab. Images are being saved to the crab's MicroSD, but C2 says waiting for signal. It worked fine before the C2 upgrade to 3.0 .
  6. It is possible to modify the built-in software, but doing so would void your warranty. Be very certain you want to mess with it before you go any further. Also, be sure you backup any modified files to the SD card before going any further. If you open the cover on the crab, I believe there are terminals for a TTL serial port. You will need a TTL serial device from ebay, or a similar marketplace. DO NOT TRY TO USE RS-232!
  7. Do you have some kind of Ad Blocker installed in your browser? If so, you'll need to either exclude the Pineapple's address from ad blocking, or disable the ad blocker altogether.
  8. Perhaps it is different on the Mark VII, but on my Nano, holding down the button does a factory reset. During setup, I need to quickly press and release the button, not hold it down. If I were to hold the button during setup, I would have the same problem you are describing.
  9. One thing I'd like to mention though: There are lots of open WiFi signals around - McDonalds, Starbucks, and many others. One trick folks use takes advantage of the fact that many people save such open hotspots in their list of routers to connect to automatically. That way, any time the come across such an establishment, they don't have to do as much clicking. By mimicking the names of such open APs, you can get clients to connect, before they even know they're connected.
  10. Alas, no. It's not so simple as that. The password on a WiFi network isn't a simple password in the usual sense. It is used as a base to generate a 64-character encryption key. That is in turn used to authenticate a device to the network. The original "password" isn't actually used, however, both sides need to supply the same original password. To put it more simply: The client has to use the same password that the router is expecting. They won't be able to communicate otherwise. It isn't possible for a router (or WiFi Pineapple) to determine the password in use by a client directly.
  11. Ever since the upgrade to Version 3.0, my ScreenCrab hasn't been sending images to C2. The images display on my TV just fine, and a quick check of the SD card, shows screen captures at 10 second intervals, as configured. However, C2 says "waiting for video signal" on the configuration tab, and the loot tab says "no loot available". I have already tried removing and re-adding the ScreenCrab in C2, as well as wiping the SD card, and reconfiguring config.txt from scratch and copying over the new device.config file. Anything else I can try??
  12. So, I have about 18 pages of keylogging history in my keycroc tab in C2. I want to wipe the history on both the device and in C2, without resetting anything else. I've already deleted the respective files on the keycroc, but how do I convince C2 to forget all keystrokes?
  13. It's a popular video game series. Popular among teen-agers, because it teaches them what not to do. Popular among law enforcement, because if gives them work to do. You know, rounding up all of the gamers who thought it would be cool in real life... Don't try this at home, OR ANYWHERE ELSE!
  14. No idea. It’s 4 AM in my native California. I’ve been awake since 3. I think I’m going to attempt another 2-3 hours. Good night everyone.
  15. Yes, I saw another post by you elsewhere saying that. Sad, but then my Owl never could really do much. Lack of free space, and lack of installed software made it difficult to do much with it.
  16. Hello, I was just coming here to report this problem. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this trouble. For me, If I click on my Signal Owl, the tab does appear at the top of the screen. However, I am unable to activate it. If I try to click on the tab, it does appear to open momentarily, but then it automatically switches back to the "Home" tab. In other words, it doesn't "stay" on the Signal Owl tab. I'm using 3.0.1 version of C2.
  17. That’s fine, but still, that might or might not be a dead end. Officially, the only way to access the Pineapple as a network device via a wire is via the Pineapple’s USB-C interface. I highly recommend you try that first. If your phone has enough power, a simple USB-C to USB-C cable should get you the result you desire, without having to mess around with the firmware.
  18. For what its worth, the Old Pineapples (Nano and Tetra), while technically able to work from the USB-A host ports, the preferred method was the included USB splitter, and an OTG cable for your phone. Note that if you try to power your Phone and Pineapple via a USB 3-way cable, it needs to be USB 3.x capable for the entire run, as there is just no way to provide sufficient power to both devices over USB 2. If the above is not feasible in your situation, you might try the following. If you have access to a PC or Mac with a USB-C port on it, or have a USB-C Wall charger, you can try run
  19. Either the Mark VII has a battery built-in, and I haven't heard about it yet, or you're not connecting the Pineapple to your phone correctly. You HAVE to connect to the Pineapple via the USB-C interface, or it won't connect. At least from my understanding. I could be wrong. If I'm not mistaken, the new Pineapple doesn't include the same drivers (AKA Kernel Modules) built-in that would be required to "see" a phone connected to the USB type A port on the Pineapple. I don't own a Mark VII to test with, but you could maybe check if you could add the required drivers via the command line:
  20. Kali NetHunter has some support for WiFi pineapples in their app, but NetHunter is a bit of a drastic modification to make on a primary Android phone. NetHunter was never intended to be used as a “daily driver”. It is mostly stable, but between the replacement kernel, and other such software, they make no guarantees on stability. That said, I have had very few problems with it. Let me be clear, though: if you plan to install NetHunter for the sole purpose of connecting your pineapple, you’re probably looking at a week-long headache for your efforts. In my humble opinion, it’s proba
  21. That’s great, but what does it have to do with the OP’s question.
  22. No, since Apple disables the data connection on the iPhone until the device is unlocked.
  23. Personally, if it didn’t capture the audio, it wouldn’t kill me. I do really need it to pass through the audio to the TV, if I am going to be covert. Also, part of most HDMI setups is being able to transmit HDCP. I know you can’t capture HDCP data legally, but is there a way to detect if HDCP is trying to start, and pass the raw data stream through from HDMI in to HDMI out in that instance? I don’t know if that would even work. The idea, is to avoid suspicion, and thereby avoid detection. Its not going to be undetected if the client checks their HDMI cable because they suddenl
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