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  1. Hey Scriptmonkey_ question can you access your shark after you fixed it through a PC win10? I am having an issue almost like yours, I upgraded the firmware and now I can't access it through my PCwin10 BUT i can access it through my kali VM machine. any idea? I already tested the attack payload and it worked. Just can't access it through my PC.
  2. Dang it -- I just got it back up - I had to do the whole reset steps. Manual Upgrade didn't work - this has got me baffled.
  3. Ar1k88 or somebody could you upload a picture of the files the shark has = Version loot payload and such I think I am missing something.
  4. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360038189894-Manual-Upgrade Well this didnt' work, I had to reset it back to and do a shark jack recovery !!! I think I got a faulty shark I really do because I notice in my loot folder there was traffic, and because I was just looking around I didnt pay much attention.
  5. The struggle is Real Ar1k88 !!!! refused - this has be baffled !!! going to try manually force it, in an HR or so, do you have any recommendations to watch out for?
  6. Thanks Ar1k88, I tested the shark last night on my network and it ran the nmap script and I was able to access it through my Kali vmbox from there everything looked normal. I will try the manual install hopefully everything goes well - Anything I need to look out for? I'll wait for any recommendations and try it tonight. I triple checked the MD5sum and SHA256 they are the same. See below.
  7. Hello my fellow Ninjas, I got the Shark last week and everything was working great! until I upgraded to version 1.1.0 everything went south and was not able to connect through my PC (win10). When I used VMware and started my kali linux box I was able to connect but I was missing my loot file, everything seemed normal, but still I was not able to connect through my PC (which I was able to do before the upgrade) WHAT I know the following: The shark is fully charged the button in the middle - Arming mode My local machine has the ip Kali box is able to connect to it. PC windows 10 gets refused and what happen to my loot file ( i had to recreate it with mkdir) so my final question why can't my PC connect to the shark? - Do i need to change something in the shark? and what happen to my loot file? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. After Several reboots, no Red light with current firmware.
  9. Hey On a side note I notice that my Tetra normally doesn't have a red light one, and when I moved it to check on it the light came on and I was able to see Wlan1mon see picture attached. BUT when looking at the command line I notice this following error (see picture chip failure). After a reboot, everything went down back to no red light and nothing working.
  10. Additional information maybe this is helpful.
  11. Currently, I have the latest firmware, I have downloaded Module Site Servey just to double check to see if the Tetra can scan SSID's and it can, but thru Recon it still fails.
  12. Here you go, thank you in advance. debug.log
  13. Hello, I have had the tetra since 2016. I have moved around a few times and finally settled in and upgraded my Tetra 2.4.1 also tested 2.4.2 none of them seem to work correctly. So my question does anybody know of a good stable version? I can't seem to get my Recon to scan for SSID's, even after I enable PineAP. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks Pork, so did you get it to work back again, mine seems all jacked now!!!! Hak5 has really been a let down, and I been with them since the Mark 5 get introduced. 1. I am not able to scan any network around me ( in other words pick up any) it just throws me an error.
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