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Found 8 results

  1. so I updated my bunny and it runs perfectly fine it runs payloads creates the folders for the loot of the payload I ran but there is never any loot there im using the library feature when you update the bunny which just gives you the scripts on the git for the bunny and I downloaded impacket, metasploit, responder, and gohttp and installed and made sure that wasn't the issue I even uninstalled and reinstalled them but that has not worked the problem im thinking is there is a typo in these scripts or there is a missing string that puts the loot into the folder does anyone have or know of any scripts that are 100% working with US keyboard or how do I fix these scripts to drop loot into there folder im completely new to bash bunny and have no idea how to write a script yet so all help would be very much appreciated youtube wasnt that great cause there is little to no tutorials on the bash bunny for setting up payload scripts correctly
  2. Hey guys! Been setting up my devices in prep for a up and coming pen test. I can connect my devices to C2 and I came across 2 issues. The first one is about seeing any Loot for the Lan Turtle in C2. I can see Loot for other devices and I know that the Lan Turtle doesn't work exactly the same way as say the Shark Jack in regards to gathering loot. But I was wondering if someone got a method of getting a specific folder shared to the C2 Loot section for the Lan Turtle. Thoughts?
  3. Hello my fellow Ninjas, I got the Shark last week and everything was working great! until I upgraded to version 1.1.0 everything went south and was not able to connect through my PC (win10). When I used VMware and started my kali linux box I was able to connect but I was missing my loot file, everything seemed normal, but still I was not able to connect through my PC (which I was able to do before the upgrade) WHAT I know the following: The shark is fully charged the button in the middle - Arming mode My local machine has the ip Kali box is able to connect to it. PC windows 10 gets refused and what happen to my loot file ( i had to recreate it with mkdir) so my final question why can't my PC connect to the shark? - Do i need to change something in the shark? and what happen to my loot file? Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Ran the BlackBackup payload and I might have pulled the BB while it was doing stuff. I think the loot folder got corrupted and now nothing will delete from the directory. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Capsos

    No Loot

    Happy New Year All Been checking the updates with the auto updater and new payloads. Ive ran a few on a older laptop i use for training encase i Fook it up..... Well ive tried a few of them now and all the RGB flash to the correct sequence. I have tried it with the Laptop in locked and unlocked and neither time when i check i have a empty loot folder !! Any ideas ? I have tried disabling my Security protection just in case but still nothing ! Thanks in advance
  6. It's probably something really simple but my bunny almost never saves anything to the loot folder. It creates the directories within the loot folder, but no matter what payload I use, nothing. It doesn't even save log files. With multiple reflashes of the base firmware (the three times unplugged method) and even after the 1.1 update I still can't get my bb to save any logs or files that it creates. I've tested this on a Mac and a win10 box. I'm also gonna say that I have installed the tool kit but I'm not sure how to update the Ducky script on the new firmware and since the .deb file hasn't been released yet and I don't want to tinker with anything "under the hood" Could the lack of an updated ? platform be the issue? I had the same issue on the 1.0 update even though the Ducky update script installed fine. Or am I missing a chmod somewhere?
  7. Greetings, Would anyone care to provide the most current means for "saving loot." Whether that be echo "${X}" > /root/udisk/etc or mv $file to /root/udisk. I'm sure both work, but I have had no luck saving anything run from a payload to the disk on the BashBunny. I just cannot figure it out even scraping through all the payloads posted on github. It's kind of crazy. I made a payload to test directories while using switch 1 or 2. Such as below, it's simple. Yet I'll get a green led saying that /see/more/butts is a directory! It makes no sense. Even if I change /root/udisk to /udisk it still lights green. I had a payload that used the echo write method for saving information to a file. But when I went to check the loot in arming mode, the payloads folder was gone! It just disappeared. :D I had to do a recovery and the first time, it failed. Second time worked a charm, but I wouldn't be surprised if my permissions or something is now even more messed up. It is working normally in every other context though. But I thought I'd ask as I don't want to brick the BB experimenting further. (! = not. -d = directory.) #!/bin/bash if [ ! -d "$(pwd)" ]; then LED R else LED G fi if [ ! -d "/root/udisk" ]; then LED R else LED G fi if [ ! -d "/see/more/butts" ]; then LED R else LED G fi
  8. Good afternoon my fellow tech enthusiasts. Got my bashbunny today in the mail (Thanks DK!) And I set up the install.sh payload and have it updated to use Payloads like quick creds. And on multiple windows boxes, it creates the folder, the sub folder in loot but with nothing inside. Same thing for any payload that requires to write it's output to USB. Am I missing some kinda permission I need to chmod? I've used some of DK's official scripts. Now while I may not be proficient in coding, it doesn't take a guru to see that the same issue across multiple payloads and Attack vectors to narrow down the scope of the issue. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have a fix? I'd post results if I had more time to play with my Bunny. Thanks in advance!
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