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Ive noticed a lot of drama on hak.5 at the moment. foxx & illya goin nuts, the price of pineapples going up, liono from thundercats gay scandel ......a lotta crazyness and i thought...."drama,what a good idea!"


"cellblock .5" or


"the bold and the BIND"













opening scene:

its a cold dark windowless server room. The hum of the computer fans and AC form an electic symphoney.....

<wetelectric> walks in and over hears a conversation between......

[carry on the story. 3lines per post :)]

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If you want drama just join #hak5. We don't need to recreate it here. ;)

Anyway, as you might have figured Hak.5 has always been a tech show with comedy, but don't discount the drama. Remember Evil Server did kill Frank Linhares, and now he's dating Alli. You have no idea how awkward it is on set trying to do a shoot when the guy that killed your Canadian podcasting buddy is hanging out off camera with our geek grrl flirting. Get a room!

I swear man, Evil Server has crossed the line and needs to be taken care of. I'm just waiting for an excuse to chuck his sorry ass off a building at this point. If it weren't for the forbidden love between him and Alli his ass would have been scrap metal ages ago.

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