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  1. Amen My thoery is, you can say what ever you want, but people have the right to bitch at ya, but you still have the right to bitch or refute back.
  2. Congratulations, glad you think that way. Only problem is... you don't control what other people do, say or think. A person has the right to say what ever they want, no matter what the context. Personally I care if a person respects me or not, if someone doesn't like me, thats their issue, I don't want to be around them, so if its a big enough deal, I'll leave or just stay away from the person.
  3. Using that thoery... how about I just tell you to deal with it :D
  4. Offense? Get the fuck over it, the word only means what it means to you. I'm a cracka. I have friends that are niggas, spics, chinks, towel-heads, and what ever other "offensive" names there are. I judge a person by their actions and personality. I'm as while as they come, I am 40% Irish, 40% Norwegian, and 20% German. No one bothers to mention the opression the Romans did to poor. It was not until Spartacus got the balls to start revolting that it changed. No one botheres to mention the opression that the Spanish forced upon any of the Native peoples in the lands they conqoured. No one botheres to mention the opression of the Irish and Chinese from the Rail Road industry when the United States started expanding West. A person has certain features, including color of skin, because of evolution. For example: the Blacks have a wide nose and dark skin because of the immense heat in Africa. Generalzations are funny, because it is what is seen most commonly amongst a group of people. A person of charcter can laugh at themselves...
  5. 01. AIM 02. M$N Messenger 03. Outlook 04. Internet Explorer 05. XChat 06. Real Jukebox 2.0 07. WinRAR 08. WinISO 09. RealVNC 10. M$ Word Am I Crazy? -- Yes, but with what I run into absolutely no problems with Windows.
  6. *sighs* Aren't there like rules for not allowing kids who haven't hit puberty on these forums? I mean........... I want to make so many comments........ but...... I can't bring myself to say them knowing they're here.
  7. I love you moonlit... its like... I don't have to say anything anymore, you know exactly what I am thinking. :D
  8. I am a lazy SOB and am not into the whole special charcter thing. But, what I do is: take the name of someone I know I will remember. Take each letter of their name, find out the corresponding number of the alphabet, and convert each letter's number to hex. And BAM! Theres your password. For Example: Say I have a thing for this lass named "Raven Riley," here is what it would look like: End Result: 121165E129C519 Dumb? Probably, but it makes me feel special.
  9. My father lol.... Well... You See... He pist me off... lets just say he won't do it again... Nah, last hurricane season, we were cuttin down trees and somehow he fucked up his neck.
  10. Wow... I didn't realize there were so many hot geeks here...
  11. Local Access?: holding apple-s while the computer it booting... this passes "single user mode" to OpenFirmware/bootloader this gives u root console access to the box. type "pwd" to change the password, u don't need to know the old one.
  12. Main Box = Windows (it keeps me employed) Laptop = Windows/Slackware 10.1, Slack would be my primary OS on it if my WiFi worked in 2.6 Server1 = Windows Server 2003 Server2 = Windows Server 2003 Server3 = Slackware Linux 10.2 Linux Kernel G3 = Mac OS 9.2 & Mac OS 10.4 Media Center Box = Not sure yet
  13. LMAO!!!! I'm a fat kid because of the Hash Bags!!!
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