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How to get into disallowed drives at school


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Some of this has probably already been said but i could only be bothered reading the first 2 pages.

To get cmd open a wordpad and type cmd.exe and save it a <filename>.bat try not calling it cmd as it is blocked in my school so i called it blah and it worked fine.

You can try downloading 7-Zip as it for some reason allows you to see all the directories in the network even the hidden 1's such as the c: drive.

You can open internet options in IE, if this is blocked create a shortcut to "control" this will bring up the control panel and access internet options from there then under temp internet files click settings then view files from hear you can list down the directories untill u get to the c: drive. ( this works in my work but not at school but try it at ur network anyway)

also if there is anyweb blocks try and enter the Ip address of the site instead this work for a while untill the admin caught on a blocked all IP's. To get the ip adress in the command prompt enter ping www.blockedsite.com and it will show you the Ip

This is a bit risky and is a very easy way to get caught but it works. If ur teaher has admin status which mine does coz hes the head of the computing department when he leaves the class run net cat on his box and telnet to it and ran the batch script someone posted easiler to add an admin account or since u have access to the box just run the script on his computer

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If you need access to CMD, at home goto C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32 and copy the CMD.exe file over to a USB drive or email it your self, when you get to school copy and paste that shit to the desktop and you should now be able to use CMD. It worked for me at college when they blocked the CMD. Not a very elegant way but meh it works for me

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Whats the point of getting access to CMD anyway at college/school. Theres not a fat lot you can do (other than view/delete files).

I've got access to the C drive on the computer I use at college, and been using it to store a few MP3's (becuase I have no space left my user area and they check and delete for music in our areas) is their any way they can find out? Other than manually looking.

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I don't know about admin creation and that seems like something that could be easily tracked.

edit: (on second thought, if they never caught us playing counter-strike and enemy territory both across the school network and over the internet...)

My school blocked the c drive and command prompt and right click as well, but one thing they didn't get rid of is shortcuts.

In explorer, go to file>New>Shortcut

then just type in C:

viola. Hope it works for you

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Google will do jack shit for you beyond supplying you with research matrials...

Plain and simple of it is: You'll need to wright or obtain a program which is basically a virus. You then need to get it on the targets machine and make them run it (social enginering). This program needs to be able to turn on there webcam feed and point it at you. I belive there was an exploit for MSN messanger a while back that did this. And most people I know with webcams don't keep them powered up unless there using them.

short answer: your not going to be able to do this without significantly uprating your skill levels or paying money to someone who can do it.

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ok thx how do i get google to make me a program thig ??

Either you are a pre-exsisting forum member imitating a realy stupid person, or you are a realy stupid person... if the first, grate joke, was made me laugh for five minuets, if the other, be very very very ashamed.

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ye u gt a problem

No, i think your the one thats got the problem.

People will help people even with little knowledge of computers, if they are polite, don't insult the regulars and when the ask questions, they think about what they want to find out and then right their question clearly and in good english so that people can understand it.

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People have previusly imitated people that don't know much abomputer computers (ZOMFG!!! GET ME MY GIRLFRIENDS EMAILS PASSWORDS!!!) whcih is why I questioned you. While your questioned seemed genuine (in my mind) it was just more likly that some one was making fun at peopel that don't know much about computers.

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here you go ( i do this at school, but alot of stuff is still locked... at least i can still nmap and telnet :) ) in a notepad file put "command.com" name it "whatever.bat"

One shiny new command prompt for ya...

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